This Post Will Never Make A Dollar! SBD Giveaway Edition

in #sbd2 years ago

Is it just me or does it seem like the posts you put your all into get the least attention? Lol

Well I made a $1.00

Google Credit: Stock oragami shirt

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Lets make this post a share a dollar worth of SBD or Steem Power with a Noob in the community promotion!
Blessings N Prosperity Steem Family! @Cryptoblessings


well you got $0.01, and a resteem from me, a small step on the way.. :-)

Right back at you @morfen look at the power of @Steemit that quick! We both now have more than we had.... :-)

Yes, steemit is genius. Blockchain will change the world,- money will be made in ways we cant even imagine at this moment. :-)

Inspiration for the newbies is always appreciated :)