51.17 steem give away for old times sake

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ahh, price of everything looking grim?

Fear not we can always spread a bit of xmas cheer.

Ship us below funny things

& I will reward accordingly.

gratis ;]


Can't believe i have only just followed you. Good to seem large stake holders hanging around and engaging with everyone else.

strike whilst the iron is bleeding out... glory days will return.. not too worried.. ;]

haha - good to meet someone as positive as me (most of the time!)

I hope we managed to hold on to enough good developers, maybe even a rockstar developer...

so true brother kabir88 .. sending you a coin.. ;]

thanks dude, much appreciated. I might splash out on a few #steemmonsters ;)

Owls love the Xmas spirit !christmasowl

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The market is doing great... just keep it like that so that banks can initiate their backup plans, buy crypto.

Buy Crypto. Spread FUD this Christmas

santas dropping his fud all over asia and the americas these days :] cheers for popping by :}


I’m just chilling out in my hideout in Path of Exile around this Xmas tree totally not hiding from the bear market. What could be in the stash? Let’s hope for some coal you can at least burn that!

@enjar my favourite so far.. shipping you 0.888 via wallet upgrade ;]

Heard a lot about you @cnts from scipio and his tribute to you in steem-ua 's channel says a lot.
Good to have you back and just followed you mate.
1 year+ was indeed a hell of a break.

i just kinda netflixed & chilled. You know how epic box sets can be. :}

hahahajaj its been a while cnts ☺

unnamed (3).gif

unnamed (2).gif

unnamed (1).gif


my brother.. shipping you a coin and sending best wishes for the festive season :]

Thanks thanks for your kindness, its been a very long long time. hope you are doing just great ☺

I present you one of Africa's best comedy crew which is that of Nigeria's wonder kid, Emmanuella.

Take out some minutes of your time to laugh.

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sending a gold coin to you my friend.. god bless.. ;]

Thank you!

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Santa 🎅 is hardly working bringing beautiful gifts to each one of us... trust me! 🙌

👍 Upvoted and resteemed with much love! 💟

(Photo taken by [@originalworks] me in Chiavari GE - Italy)

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Ohh I love on what you did,Keep it up @cnts

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the first to respond after my hiatus. Figured i would come back for the winter showers..
shipping two golden coins to your wallet :}


I'm quite a john mayer fan....saw this picture on his IG.....of course, I didn't realize first but look closely....you'll see it...;)

That's a very generous thing of you to do!
I do think that you will make lots of people happy with this!

can't blag this act of kindness.. the results can be seen in my wallet... will be paying out three times a day till the well runneth dry :}

@cnts This is Incredible and Nothing But Holiday Cheer.................

that is fantastic boss and has cheered me up.. sending you 0.378 ;]

Thank You for Your Kindness @cnts

Memes I like from imgur :

Maybe it will fall one of these days anyway with the protests :)

I share superpowers with that stick, oh and good at sleeping

I AM definitely like that rabbit

Some is either messing around or just a bad coincidence :)

bleach in eyes.. terrible world.. sending you 0.4 for making me cry .. ;]

I hope there's still lambos for us :(

the whole world's spewing. Crypto is here to stay. Unlike me, as i keep getting off ;] shipping .06 brother!! ;]

Yeah, this is my moment..... wait.... i dont know what to say.... meh Happy holidays to everyone... except my neighbor that little S*******... who rebuild his house at 8 pm these days...

gobshite neighbours!!! 0.087 ;]

Really fun idea and here are some that made me smile 😉




Hope it made you smile to 😁😉👍 lol

cheers babes.. sending you out 0.555 for your lush efforts via @cnTs ;]

Thank you very much 😊👍 and thank you for the fun chsllange 😉 have a great week. Cheers! 🌸

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Mr. Hanky the Christmas Poo wants to poke out and say Merry Christmas to you too!

double trouble.. ;]


Mr. Hanky the Christmas Poo wants to poke out and say Merry Christmas to you too!

good ol' mr hanky.. shipping you 0.212 via wallet upgrade ;]

As a follower of @followforupvotes this post has been randomly selected and upvoted! Enjoy your upvote and have a great day!

ahh cheers boss ;]

is love too great word .. have a coin.. ;]

Thank you, my little chihuahua thanks you also.

Hiiiiiiiii @cnts

Hey brot! Good to have you back! Welcome Home! Let's go for more!

b82b6951-4685-4fd7-b04b-b9afa28b556f-f6bc50d9-5289-4454-99de-91c3da02512b-v1.png 9fdaf066-379d-4593-9157-3bc5c95cd314-f6bc50d9-5289-4454-99de-91c3da02512b-v1.png

ahh bbz i miss this old jape.... here's a wallet upgrade. Not much now, but better in bull season.. ;]

Seasons Greetings! D3952025-E69B-430B-8700-F33D53282ECA.jpeg

ahh jeez. Will have to ship that as a card to aunt betty.. Bless your cotton socks.. wallet upgrade imminent.. 0.212 via @cnts ;]

You back...wonderful 👌everything gonna b alrite now....

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first sign of a bull run.. @cnts returns to the soiree :}

This is why we shouldn't try to show off for the ladies...

gotta love them fatties.. 0.187


Great to have a chuckle! Here's one for you...
Bruno and JJ.JPG

yikes!.. shipping you 0.276 soz its only worth pennies.. blame fiat... love @cnts ;]

Thanks so much! It all builds up over time!

Well @cnts, just to show you my Christmas Spirit joining your laughter fest. Let me show you first how currently looks my little Christmas Tree so far.


And then, judging by your high SP, noble purposes and will to give and make smile to your bros. The sort of Christmas Tree that I have the hunch you must have shining on your living room right now.


Have a happy day my friend. Fill yourself with endless healthy laughter all the time and also make smile your brothers in the process.

Cheers!! :)

want 1.45 on the richter scale. Heading to a wallet near you. That 1st tree... ;] loves via @cnTs ;]

Thank you very much my friend. I'm glad my bantz be of your liking. :)

And yeah mate, I suspect Unlimited Love have been always my fun outlook on life since I was a toddler.

gotta love the unlimited love.. It's the only way! ;]

10 minutes worth of laughter.

0.278 coming your way :]

Thank you very much.

lovely stuff. Will send you 0.555 for your fun outlook on life.. ;]

Wecome back @cnts. Its nice to have you back again.


This meme is made by me for a meme contest in steemit. Hope u ll like it.

say well and keep steeming!

Nothing in life is easy. Especially having to pay out to multi - wallets on the sluggish system that is steemit.. good stuff.. 0.416 heading your way.. ;]

Nowadays, this one can make me smile although I loose my money because of the crypto. Anyways hope that will make you cheer too :)

When i invest.gif

Hey man, so long without publishing, it was many months away from home! Welcome back! Let's make the nodes shake!

Good to have you back! Welcome

So after a few months you decided to show up? Good to have you around again!

welcome Friend!

Enjoy this one!

Weird Cat.gif

have 0.058 ;]

You're the kind of person I like.
He likes funny things. I love it!!!


I also really like funny things. crazy and funny. Lol
Day 3 was my birthday and I would give 5 STEEM to anyone who told the best story in the comments. Unfortunately in my post there were no stories. But I can help you with the funny stuff, my friend!

But what kind of funny thing do you like?

If you like guifs. Think that I know how to make you laugh.
This one and I find it funny. I call the walking dead:
I really like this first. Looll

If you like meme, the Brazil is your place. Loolll. Brazilians are funny by nature.
This dog is known all over Brazil.

Ooowww, man, have this meme that i love too:
Chuck Norris is a legend!!!

If you want more funny things you can talk. I'm just warming up!

shipping 1.996 to your account for such is effort .. : }

Thank you my friend. If you want more I have a repertoire.


best share the goodies with other 26 people whom use steemit in this world ;]

sure, my friend. You're absolutely right.

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Hi @cnts nice to meet you man! I’m pretty new here.
Just heard from the discord that ur doing a giveaway, so just snekked in lmao
Yeah i ran out of ideas

mate that is proper decent. Thanks for your entry. Will ship you a golden nugget.. via @cnts ;]

Welcome back @cnts!

You got a 33.59% upvote from @booster courtesy of @cnts!


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