SBDs deep dip below 1 dollar is a sign of long term pessimism about Steem

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I have been having the feeling that people whom call for others to convert their SBDs and convert their SBDs buy SBDs like crazy on exchanges.
However, had this been the case, why would SBD drop to a 0.78$ despite the conversions, the near halt in its creation and the demand for it?
After all, if Steem was expected to rise, would the believers not put their faith in SBD just enough to keep it from dipping lower than 0.9$?
And if Bitcoin was expected to rally any time soon, would Steem not follow?
The actions of the insiders are reflected by the prices, but then I do not see the biggest players powering down in urgency.
If Bitcoin's price will get lower and remain lower, Steem's price will follow, and SBD may never get to a dollar again.
My personal opinion is that Bitcoin, Steem, other digital currencies are still too expensive.
As a disclaimer I thought the same about stocks, but their prices kept rising.
The digital currencies are affected by the same factors that affect stocks' prices and have additional effects on them.
One of these effects is popularity, and I expect the popular demand to not rise, because exchanges are centralized, wallets and the assets themselves are too dangerous and difficult to use, and regulations are about to get stricter.

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