SBC League: Last bet of the month!

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Yesterday we made a small loss. But nothing to worry about. The profit for this month is guaranteed! :)

Only one game within the Jupiler Pro League and none in the Premier League.

Zulte Waregem vs Club Brugge

There would have been times that this would be a difficult game to predict but I have no doubt that Club Brugge will take the 3 points home after the game.
2 of the players of Brugge are awarded with a selection for their National teams. Vanaken for Belgium and Vormer for the Netherlands!
Zulte has at the moment 5 points, there last two games were lost with 3-1. Both were away games. From the two home games they did win one and did draw the other!
Club Brugge won the topper last weekend against Anderlecht with 2-1, they are in the zone at the moment and I don’t think that Zulte has it to dismantle the defense of Brugge.
This game is normally a guarantee for the over but I will stay away from that market due to the odds.
A Win for Brugge has odds of 2.10 at Unibet and 2.117 at!
But in this case I am also tempted to look at the Asian Handicap market. Unibet has Club Brugge -1 at a whopping 3.05.
On the other side it has been 2 years ago that Brugge did win in Zulte with a 2 goal difference.

But I do think that they can manage it, so Club Brugge -1 it will be! I will risk 1.5 units!

My bets

August 31, 2018Club Brugge -113.05PendingUnibet

Monthly overview

August, 20185120211055.513.19522.55%

Detailed overview

August 1, 2018Genk
August 3, 2018Over
August 3, 2018Standard
August 4, 2018Over 2.5 ANT vs
August 4,
August 4, 2018Gent
August 5, 2018AND
August 5, 2018Genk
August 5, 2018Club Brugge
August 7, 2018Standard
August 8, 2018Celtic
August 8, 2018Over 2.5 POAK vs Spartak12.38WonUnibet
August 9, 2018Gent
August 9, 2018Over 2.5 POAK vs
August 10, 2018Man United
August 10, 2018Club Brugge
August 11, 2018Tottenham
August 11,
August 11, 2018St Truiden
August 11,
August 12, 2018Liverpool
August 12,
August 12, 2018Anderlecht -113PushUnibet
August 16, 2018Genk -123PushUnibet
August 16, 2018Gent
August 17, 2018Anderlecht -1
August 17, 2018Anderlecht
August 18, 2018Everton
August 18, 2018St Truiden
August 18, 2018Standard
August 18,
August 18, 2018KV
August 19, 2018Lukaku To Score12.63WonUnibet
August 19, 2018Gent -112.32PushUnibet
August 19,
August 19, 2018Club
August 21, 2018Salzburg -113.35LostUnibet
August 21, 2018Over
August 23, 2018Genk -122.1WonUnibet
August 23, 2018Gent Over 2.512.18LostUnibet
August 23, 2018Gent -113.5LostUnibet
August 24, 2018Oostende -0 (DNB)12.35WonUnibet
August 25, 2018Mouscron -114LostUnibet
August 25, 2018Antwerp -112.2PushUnibet
August 25, 2018Hudderfield over 2.512.747LostNitrogensports
August 25, 2018Bournemouth draw13.6WonUnibet
August 29, 2018POAK over 2.512.28WonUnibet
August 29, 2018RB Salzburg
August 30, 2018Bordeaux over 2.512.18LostUnibet
August 30, 2018Genk
August 30, 2018Burnley

Good luck,

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