Nations league bets: part 2

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Yesterday was almost a complete miss but the bet with the biggest odds kept the losses acceptable. But not a good start for the weekend. To bad that I did not bet on the draw or the under for Germany - France.
Also I would like to bet on Belgium, but that is a friendly game, so normally I would stay away from it. Could be that I will place a last minute bet on the over or Lukaku to score!

Today the game between Italy and Poland is interesting. Italy was revenge for missing out on the World Cup and Poland, well maybe they are trying to correct the fact that they were there. Both nations do have a new head coach. Italy is building on a national team with lots of young and eager players.

Let's see if I can do better with these bets.

My bets

September 7, 2018Turkey12.3PendingUnibet
September 7, 2018Albania over 2.512.3PendingUnibet
September 7, 2018Romania -112.55PendingUnibet
September 7, 2018Italy -112.271PendingNitrogen
September 7, 2018Faroe Island -112.538PendingNitrogen

September 2018

Sep 1, 2018Lucky151.5??LostUnibet
Sep 1, 2018St Truiden11.95WonUnibet
Sep 1,
Sep 1, 2018Everton Over
Sep 1, 2018West
Sep 1, 2018Standard
Sep 1, 2018Crystal Palace
September 6, 2018Slovenia -113.6LostUnibet
September 6, 2018Czech Republic ML12.426LostNitrogen
September 6, 2018Wales -113.203WonNitrogen
September 6, 2018Kazachstan12.644LostNitrogen

Good luck,

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