The EPL Picks [Friday April 05, 2019]

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Let's start with my prediction model and its magic:


Nothing spectacular, but it doesn't like the favorites as much as the rest of the market. The only surprise game here, according to its calculations, is Everton v Arsenal where it likes the home side. Here are my picks based on the model's calculation, weather patterns, and my mood today:

  1. Southampton v Liverpool - Southampton +1.5 @1.88
  2. Huddersfield v Leicester - Leicester @1.78
  3. Newcastle v Crystal Palace - Newcastle @2.64
  4. Bournemouth v Burnley - Bournemouth @2.13
  5. Everton v Arsenal - Everton @3.13
  6. Chelsea v West Ham - Chelsea -1.5 @1.95

The picks are tracked here:

Screenshot from 2019-04-05 18-06-56.png

I did place some micro bets on ScorumBet, too. There I backed clean model's picks. No handicapping or any of that fancy stuff.

Screenshot from 2019-04-05 19-00-06.png

Good luck!

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they all look like beautiful bets

if they win they'll be even more beautiful :)

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