Fifa World Cup 2018 COUNTDOWN: 6 Days to Go | Group C | Group D | Who will qualify?

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In exactly 6 days, the 21st edition of the Fifa World Cup will start in Russia.

In my last post I shared my tips of the outcome of the Group A and B with you.
You can read it here.

In this post I would like to share my tips for Group C and D with you.

Group C

The group C consists of
France, Australia, Peru and Denmark

The favorite in this group is no doubt France. Second place is a tricky one because according to the fifa ranking Peru (ranked 11th) and Denmark (ranked 12th) are very close to each other. But I will go with Denmark. Especially because they have more World Cup experience then Peru. Australia is a team against which it is hard to play. But I don't see them passing the group phase.

Here is my tip of the table and standings of the groupe C after all games are played.


France and Denmark qualify.

Group D

The group D consists of Argentina, Iceland, Croatia and Nigeria

The clear favorite here is of course Argentina. The second place is also not so easy to predict in this group. We all know Iceland has a good team and that they were very successful in the Euro 2016. But I am going to bet against them passing the group phase. I will go with Croatia. Their experience from previous World Cups should help them succeed.
It's not impossible for Nigeria to make it but that would be a surprise.

Here is my tip of the table and standings of the groupe D after all games are played.


Argentina and Croatia qualify.

Thanks for reading!

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I think Australia and Peru stand a good chance against Denmark. France should be safe though.

For Group D, just a feeling but i think Argentina might disappoint this world cup.


Australia is indeed not. They could upset either Denmark or Peru. But both? Not so sure but.

Argentina almost always goes far in the World Cup. So it's pretty difficult, at least for me :-), to bet against them reaching the quater, semi or even the finals?

Indeed a little bit harder than groups A and B.
In group A France indeed should have no problem but for the second place I will go for Peru! But this is more a gut feeling than an educated guess!
In group C, Argentina should qualify with 3 wins. And then I do see Iceland getting into the second round! They have an incredible fighting spirit which will give them the edge!


Regarding Iceland the other teams are warned. So they will have more respect which will make it more difficult for Iceland.


There is some truth in there but there is a difference between warned and actually feeling their fighting spirit and desire to win on the pitch!


You got a point there!
That's one the things I respect the most Iceland: the fighting spirit!

Nigeria will qualify


It is possible. In that case they will have score big points in the first two games (first Croatia, then Iceland).

Nigeria might be able to upset but that will be very difficult. Looking at the squad of each team. I'll predict Argentina, Croatia, Nigeria 1st, 2nd, 3rd respectively but when it comes to team spirit you can't count Nigeria and Iceland off.