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RE: Fifa World Cup 2018 COUNTDOWN: 8 Days to Go | Group A | Group B | Who will qualify?

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In group A, I think that Egypt and Uruguay will qualify. Russia didn't show anything great during their friendly games. Egypt will probably depend on the fitness of Salah.
In group B, there should be no problem for Spain and Portugal to qualify, but it is also possible that Morocco will upset Portugal!

Time will tell :)


Uruguay definitely goes to the next round, but I think that Russia will go too, they are hosts and they invested a lot in this competition. We'll see...

It's not impossible for Egypt to pass the group phase ... In that case they must upset either Russia or/and Uruguay. This is were I am more reserved.

I watched the second half of Belgium - Egypt!
Withou Salah Egypt is just a mediocre team! Just like Russia, so both have a chance. Urugauy, without a doubt will win the group!