Nations League: Monday bets

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Last Friday my bets were again below par. It is though to make a profit on the Nations League but here is another shot!
But not only the nations league is blow par, my complete month is below par. At the moment I am writing a loss of 8.809 unit. This is a negative ROI of 53.38%.

Let's see if we can turn the tide with these bets!


September 10, 2018Kosovo -112.8PendingUnibet
September 10, 2018Andorra +111.984PendingNitrogen
September 10, 2018Serbia Over12.271PendingNitrogen
September 10, 2018Scotland11.75PendingUnibet
September 10, 2018Sweden11.959PendingNitrogen
September 10, 2018Portugal Over12.519PendingNitrogen

September 2018

Sep 1, 2018Lucky151.5??LostUnibet
Sep 1, 2018St Truiden11.95WonUnibet
Sep 1,
Sep 1, 2018Everton Over
Sep 1, 2018West
Sep 1, 2018Standard
Sep 1, 2018Crystal Palace
September 6, 2018Slovenia -113.6LostUnibet
September 6, 2018Czech Republic ML12.426LostNitrogen
September 6, 2018Wales -113.203WonNitrogen
September 6, 2018Kazachstan12.644LostNitrogen
September 7, 2018Turkey12.3LostUnibet
September 7, 2018Albania over 2.512.3LostUnibet
September 7, 2018Romania -112.55LostUnibet
September 7, 2018Italy -112.271LostNitrogen
September 7, 2018Faroe Island -112.538WonNitrogen

Good luck,

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Bets are looking good, I think you will get a profit with those. The only one I'm sceptical is the Prtugal bet, I don't see them scoring too many goals without Ronaldo.
Good luck

great bets. I am so much in for Portugal game. hoping for over 3.5 goals. risky but thats how i play