Israel-Palestine Today: Worst Attack on Gaza, UNSC Emergency Meeting

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GAZA, The latest news from the Israeli-Palestinian conflict today, Gaza is experiencing its heaviest attack and the Security Council (DK) of the United Nations is going to an emergency meeting. Launching AFP on Tuesday (18/5/2021), the UN Security Council will hold an emergency meeting today to end the latest Israeli and Palestinian conflict which has killed more than 220 people, the majority of whom are Palestinians. Meanwhile Israel continued its heaviest daily bombardment on Gaza last night. Also read: Why does Palestine have no army even though Israel continues to be attacked? Fireballs and black smoke billowed into the air after a large attack hit the area, reported an AFP journalist on the scene. Despite calls for an end to the violence, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said Monday night (17/5/2021) that Israel will continue to attack targets it calls terrorists. Israeli air strikes have pounded Gaza since May 10 after the ruling Hamas fired a series of rockets, following the clash of Israeli Palestinians in east Jerusalem. Israeli air strikes on Gaza have killed 213 Palestinians including 61 children, and injured more than 1,400 in Gaza, according to the Hamas-run Health Ministry. In the latest Palestinian Gaza news, Hamas has fired around 3,350 rockets at Israel which killed 10 people including 1 child, Israeli authorities said. Also read: US military raises to talk about the latest Israeli-Palestinian conflict Then according to the latest Palestinian Israeli news, air raid sirens roared again in southern Israel throughout the morning, causing families to flee to bomb shelters. Turning to the UN Security Council session, they will hold the fourth session since the Israeli-Palestinian conflict escalated. The UNSC's fourth session was held after the United States, Israel's main ally, blocked a joint statement calling for an end to violence on Monday for the third time in a week. The UN on Tuesday also praised Israel's decision to open the Kerem Shalom crossing so that humanitarian aid could enter Gaza. According to UN data, the latest news from Palestinian Israel today states a total of nearly 40,000 Palestinians have been displaced and 2,500 are homeless.


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