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11 year old Nicole who lives in Lagos is in desperate need of a heart surgery so she can have a chance to live and we need your immediate help, please. She was diagnosed of "Cyanotic congenital heart disease"

Your donation of any amount can help her and her parents reach the minimum goal of EUR14,000/$16700 (Six Million Nigerian Currency) to cover Nicole's surgical expenses.

Kanu Heart Foundation (known for providing initial support and diagnosis of heart dieseas for children) founded by the ex-nigeria international footballer requested this sum for the surgery and logisitics to and post india (as this is the proposed option

[At the moment her parent(my friend is busy taking Nicole through further tests "ECG" etc at the Kanu Heart Foundation center - so more Info and pictures to come soon ]

It would be a great joy if we have a child who can think about her future and not worried about not being able to see the sunrise the next, her sibling etc...

With your support and encouragement we believe Nicole's story would have a happy ending.

Nicole, is a daughter of my high school friend/classmate (Shola Owolawi - see facebook page below)

Many thanks from Nicole, Family and Friends of the Family.

PLEASE: All steem donations should be have #helpsavenicole comment. thank you and God bless you.

GoFundMe page link here

Kanu Hear Foundation - Heart Surgery foundation.

Nicole's mum(my high school friend) facebook profile.

Please assist and share this need:
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will be praying for Nicole

Many thanks bro.

Hi, just as an advice, I can understand that this can be a stressful thing and you want to get the most support possible, please notice tagging whales is rarely any help. People rarely upvote for being tagged :)

Thanks for the advise bruv.

God Bless You.

Amen and you too

I'd be sure to put her in my prayers.

I pray that the good Lord would protect and guide her.

I pray that he would send her a helper who is financially stable to take good care of her and I pray that when the surgery is being done HE should send them to the right hospital where everything will go well... Amen.