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Interest in ICOs continue to grow, so as hundreds of start-up projects are been established daily around the world. Most of this start-ups meet their sudden end sooner than anybody could ever imagine leaving investors completely worried on how to recover their lost money. Most of this failed platforms did all they can in their powers to make sure they were able to survive the market but all to no avail. Also, a large number of them were outright scams. This big problem facing the crypto space today make the “investors” ponder in fear about the right place to invest their money. As a crypto addict who derives joy in the new digital movement, I spend a lot of time carrying out researches about tokens and crypto projects. The reason for this simple – not to be scammed again. The discovery of savedroid, made me realize that everything about this space has come to stay. Savedroid and its team has passed all my test beyond doubt about how keened they are in achieving their goal of been one of the world’s top platforms.


According to survey, more than 40% of investors said that security is the major challenge facing new start-ups (many start-ups are scam) – this is indeed true. However, savedroid is not just a fulltime trustworthy start up but it is also the first and only ICO of a German stock corporation that follows German legislation and regulation in order to provide participants with the maximum level of security. The German government is fully aware of Savedroid and its operations.
According to another survey on how possible it is for a start-up to survive the market, a large percentage of people said the major reason why a start-up could survive the market is based on their customer base. In this case, savedroid have not only built a large number of customer base, but as well built a strong, reliable and trusted customer base of above 200k users. Savedroid is still working very hard in making sure that everyone takes part in this new digital evolution by bringing cryptocurrency to the masses irrespective of the region u find yourself. Savedroid is the key!
No financial or digital market can survive a day if their team of workers are not experienced. Savedroid passed this test with a team of totally dedicated, hardworking, and experienced world class workers who are professionals in finance, technology, AI, and marketing experience. The Savedroid team members are goal getters.
Extremely high bank charges are been imposed on investors when carrying out transactions. Savedroid is here to solve this problem, They are fully decentralized and, hence, no bank can charge high fees and no government can take them away, they are fast and offer immediate settlement, and they are also very safe. How long have they been operating? The savedroid company have been in existence since 2015 and have won numerous awards for themselves from the German stock market.
Do they have any existing product? Yes, the savedroid smart saving app. Savedroid's AI built app enable users to automatically save up for their wishes without thinking about savings.

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