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Have you ever wondered how almost impossible any crypto platform could survive the market, have you ever wondered the cause of their sudden disappearance into thin air? Many start-up ideas and start-up projects have met many failures in the future, this failures could be met based on any of the problems that faces our financial market which includes; improper planning, poor funding, untrained or lack of experienced staff, low level of consistency, technological barrier, low level of security, and so many order factors which may lead to a complete market break down.

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There are hundreds of start-ups all over the world that spring up on a daily basis, 85% of them are estimated to be complete failure, 8% of them grow for a while then fail. 5% of them on the other hand, are struggling so hard for survival and stability, and just about 2% of them are completely successful. Therefore, considering ourselves as investors, we find it almost impossible to pick a proper or completely safe platform or project to partner or invest with.

Savedroid, being a unique AI fuelled ecosystem of cryptosaving and investing for the masses, I feel the project is worth investing. Savedroid’s Artificial Intelligence (“AI”) enables users to automatically save up for their wishes without thinking about saving. This award winning German FinTech specialized in AI saving technology is geared towards making cryptocurrencies available for the masses irrespective of your geographical location or technological barrier.

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Why I Chose to Save with Savedriod:
 The platform is backed by a strong, experienced, trained and dedicated team of professionals with working experience in finance, tech, AI and marketing. The team has worked tirelessly in making sure that their mission is been achieved.
 Savedroid provides you with maximum security. Hence, it’s the first ICO of a German stock corporation that follows German legislation and regulation to provide participant with the highest level of security. Investing in this platform is not necessarily as risky as we all think.
 Savedroid is an AI platform for saving and spending in fiat: Self-learning AI algorithm analysing and optimizing users' personal finances to fulfil their wishes and maximize their lifestyle with 200K+ app downloads, 10M+ saving transactions, 4.2 app rating and 97% recommendation rate based on great user experience (UX).
 Cryptocurrencies offer many advantages: They are fully decentralized and, hence, no bank can charge high fees and no government can take them away, they are fast and offer immediate settlement, and they are also very safe.
They are numerous reasons why you should consider this token with great ideas and fulfilment. With their very short time of existence, they have already won numerous awards for themselves and are so focused in achieving more.

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