A White House Petition to save Tommy Robinson - please sign

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I have just created a Petition to the White House, in the hopes of saving Tommy Robinson from the communist globalists of the UK

For this to happen, it needs as many signatures as we can muster, so please repost (here and on any other platforms you can) for others to see it, but also, please do not forget to sign (at):


Thank you and let's hope we get enough signatures (remember, no ID is required, just your name and your email, for the petition to be signed)

Image: From Gab

The Latest [ 11th July, 2019 ]:


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Excellent! Signed.

Thank you. I hope we get enough signatures to help provide Trump with the right incentive to save Tommy.

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Espero logren lo que necesitan…

I hope they get what they need...

Thank you.

Is this restricted to Americans only to sign or anyone from any country can sign?

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They only ask for your name and for your email. That is all.

If you have watched the news, the Dems are against the census asking whether the family are American or not, so it seems they are not asking here either.

I would say, go ahead...it is for the purpose of saving a life.

Great thanks for the information 👍

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The capitalization and punctuation on the petition description are so bad, like a kid's. Please fix it, and I will sign it. No exclamation necessary! It makes us look like nuts.

You are right. The first part of the wording I copied from a suggested text on Gab. It is odd how I was blind to the mistakes, since my main hobby is writing (gosh, I better hope you do not read my stories... :)

Unfortunately, when signing/creating the Petition, it states that no changes to the wording are allowed, so I cannot do the right thing. Sorry.

OK. Thanks for trying to re-word it. I signed and am sharing it anyway. Let's reach 100000 signatures for Tommy!

Thank you.

Do you know anyone on Twitter who would be willing to help make this known? I've never been on any of the others, apart from Gab.

I actually should do a post about gab, for they have performed miracles. Worried that they could be blocked, as Big Tech and MSM keep trying, they have altered the basis of their platform, so that all members are running their copy of Gab from their own pc/phone etc. It also can use the apps of a number of other platforms, which means they cannot block them. I just love to see so much ingenuity being used to help us, instead of destroying us.

To top it all, they have created an 'ultra-safe' browser which speeds up Gab but can also be used as a general browser.

If you are not on Gab but you are interested, let me know and I'll see how they process new applications (they are busy transferring millions of posts to their new system, so registering may take a bit longer at this time).