Saturn's New Ring

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I was watching a youtube video last night - a biography on Edgar Cayce. When it was over I was scrolling around, looking around for other things to watch before tucking in to bed for the night. I was surprised to find an important clue to something I've been looking for for awhile recently without having been able to find it - the discovery of a new ring of Saturn. As I was looking around, I caught the familiar image of this huge red ring at the opening of a short video.

See, this information was quietly released sometime around 2010 - 2011, or at least this is when I first saw it - I posted on it at length in a forum I used to write for. At the time I thought it was one of those huge stories that would change our common scientific understanding of reality. Looking for it years later, the information seemed to have disappeared!! You couldn't find anything on it searching the internet. I searched several times. I think this discovery has been carefully hidden from general public view.

Saturn is the second largest planet in our solar system next to Jupiter and it is the 5th planet from our Sun, following Mars. Saturn's rings are way different than previously thought. Most of them exist in the INFARED spectrum. The first one of these new discoveries is HUGE!! I went back over the video feed and wrote it down. It exists in a 'band width' of 3.7 million miles from Saturn to 10 million miles from Saturn!! This is very important to understanding the true nature of the structure of our solar system and the physical universe it occupies. Saturn rules Time and all structure for life and consciousness around us.

Something else? In the first video. This huge ring has been spinning in the OPPOSITE direction from the inner, close rings of Saturn we know of.

I think it explains something important. A concept from the movie 'Donnie Darko' ... Tangent vs. Primary Universe and Time Travel!! Call it proof. It is as if our reality has been sidetracked into a finite pocket of space-time for some strange purpose. It is as if we have all been diverted into life in a Tangent Universe. I have felt for a long time that we are no where in time and space even close to what we have been led to believe. I feel it is the goal to resolve our issues, the ones that created this 'capture' and somehow rejoin the Primary, Living Universe. Which I think means, all the rings of Saturn spinning in the right direction, moving together in alignment.

I had written a few pages of notes on this subject to explain these concepts, Tangent and Primary Universe. If you've seen this movie, you might understand some of what I'm talking about! My notes mysteriously disappeared under some strange circumstances though. Soon after I was thrown into a state of ... call it a series of accute healing states. I've mentioned that as a psychic and healer I often get a lot of information when I'm thrown into crisis. My point of focus has moved on since then. It was maybe a year ago now? I'm still hoping for my notes to make an appearance so I don't have to deeply immerse myself back into the state of consciousness I was in when I originally received this understanding (and wrote my notes and my draft article), to recover the information.

The cover photo is what I recognized from this video, the huge red ring. The story comes up at 3:10 on the feed.

25 Recent Space Discoveries That Blew Our Minds:

This one is longer. There's a lot more information in it but no mention about that huge new ring rotating in the opposite direction from what we already observe with Saturn and its close up rings. Both videos are very interesting and well worth the watch.

Something Is Happening on Saturn. Are They Hiding It? (2018-2019):

There is more to this story!!

I was explaining all of this to my oldest son at home this morning (he is 20 years old) and he knew exactly what I was talking about! My three kids were all homeschooled for the first 10 years of their structured education. Around junior high school age, we moved to a small mountain town in Colorado, south of Denver. Cripple Creek. They all wanted to try out public school for a year. Later they wound up finishing their education through public school. But my son told me that this information had been presented to them in Science class - Saturn's new rings. Get this. According to my son, there are SEVEN of them. Not just this one. And not counting the ones we typically see that are hugging the planet. He drew me a detailed diagram in the air in front of him as he was explaining this. I found it so strange that this advanced concept had become part of his reality structure and a place within the public school system, without me having had any idea!!

I'm so intrigued! Why would this information have been presented to them at school, while the information is not common public knowledge? Ps. this public school was very small (enrollment for grades 7-12 was just under 100 students) and somewhat isolated, in a small town miles from any large population centers.

Yes of course, I have a few theories.

LR 2/6/2019

Beautiful image of Saturn from Google Images.

I saw this story recently on Facebook. My first thought was fake news. But is there any chance this story is real? AND connected to a shift in alignment with ALL of the rings of Saturn?

Saturn's rings are disappearing, NASA warns

Donnie Darko movie trailer

Woo Hoo!
Here's the full movie on Youtube!
Well worth the watch, but you might be tempted to view it more than once.

Have a good day, everyone!


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