Saturn Black Liquidity provider for cryptomarkets.

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Trading your digital assets for another digital asset on exchanges can be difficult. As a frequent investor of cryptocurrencies i hold obscure digital assets that are traded in one exchange and this means challenges when it comes to exchanging them for another digital asset that seems favorable, sometimes i have to calculate the best channel to get the desired digital assets and this might mean a process involving two or more cryptocurrency exchanges.

These processes are expensive due to transaction fees and the loopholes of a single error could lead to loss of funds, another problem arises by the time it takes for transactions processing which could lead to the market changing due to market volatility after getting the transactions processes and this is a challenge most day trader face when exchanging digital assets.

The main challenge that has been slowing down digital currency exchanges between one digital asset to another was because the digital assets are powered by different blockchains which makes them incompatible with each other for a seamless exchange. Atomic swaps is a solution to the problems and platforms such as Saturn cross chain exchange are working towards improving digital assets exchanges using atomic swaps.

Saturn Black – Opportunity of flexible management of over 300 crypto assets.


I’m excited about Saturn black because it will make my digital assets exchange seamless and instead i will be able to exchange my assets with peers in a trustworthy decentralized environment that is automated, this will mean that i will be able to exchange assets with peers who are total strangers to me without the need of a central authority, this is through the use of smart contracts that will process my swaps.

The Benefits Of Using Saturn Atomic Swap Trading.


Saturn will not ask for private keys to users wallets, this is a security measure that allows users to have total control of their assets unlike in centralized exchanges where users trust centralized exchanges with the security of their assets.

When using the exchange users transactions will be processed through smart contracts automatically and smart contract only accepts terms that are set by the parties or nothing happens at all, this is an additional security feature that allows the users to have control of the processes and trust technology.

Trading using Saturn cross chain exchange will cheaper and more secure than centralized exchanges, centralized exchanges will charge approximately 0.2% for taking care of the transactions and this is directly transferred to users of the platforms, using Saturn cross chain exchange will be much cheaper and cost-effective for day traders like me who are constantly changing between digital assets and also users who would just like to perform just one over the counter exchange.

Final thoughts.


Currently, cross chain transactions are not frequently used because most of the cryptocurrency traders don't know about this new technology, this is new technology and it is still under improvements and its impact will be more acknowledged as more users understand atomic swaps and how to make use of this new technology.

I’m excited about Saturn cross chain exchange and will keep regular check-ups on its the development of the platform as its still in early stages of development.

For more information about Saturn exchange, please check out the platforms website, social media pages and other useful pieces of information in the links below.


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