Saturday View - Monuments in Bulgaria

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Saturday View

Fellow Steemians this is my #SaturdayView this week - a contribution to a beautiful Balkan country and submission to the challenge by @luxurylifestyle - The following shoots show monumental stone Art I love to watch and visit - one looks a bit like Stonehenge but isn't.

Any idea where these monuments can be found?


I needed to use three different backwards photosearch tools and scanned the whole flickr, but the second and third picture seems to be taken in Memorial Panteona, Burgas, created 1941 right?


Wow - Respekt! Keine Ahnung wie Du das gemacht hast - aber das ist korrekt :-)

Sofia (or Sofie) Bulgaria They are amazing pieces of sculpture to behold.

Upped and Steemed

Wow that's a pretty cool monument


Upvoted und resteemed :-)

Ein toller Beitrag ..

Findest? Danke dir!

Perhaps it's because I just finished watching Planet of the Apes 3 and re-watching Planet of the Apes 1..I thought for a split second that the stone statue watching over the gate was a sentient chimp ;)

True, looks a bit like a scene from the Apes serial :-)

Krieger Denkmahle gibt es eben überall auf der Welt.....

Das ist richtig

The last two are amazing, thanks for sharing

cool view , nice pics

These statues are absolutely beautiful. great post!

looks very impressive wonder if the last picture deserves a B&W conversion or not , anyway voted and resteemed have a great weekend

Thanks Sir @stresskiller - I tried some conversions on the first one that I really like as an amateur :-)

Danke fürs mitmachen mein bester. Ne Antwort kann ich dir aber leider nicht geben... aber Wahnsinns Beitrag. Tolle Eindrücke, tolle Bilder 💪🏽

Danke Dir für das aufbauende Feedback

Now this is cool :) deserves a resteem from me..

those monuments look cool!

Cool monuments

Thanks Uwe upvoted your post
Nice to meet You

I like toast 🍞

I do not know unfortunately but love it !I follow you.Upvote me !

I will check you for sure but be careful to ask people such things...... this is considered spam usually

Actually I checked your profile and honestly you do some great posts and I am wondering why not more vote for you - maybe you reduce the amount of daily posts and interact more with others (not asking for vote please) - but I like your stuff @vanessa11val - voted some.

That is creep as can be. I want to look it up but I am afraid to get an understanding more than I have now!

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