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Hallo liebe Steemians, Hello dear Steemians

Grüner Himmel am Wasser

Hier sind meine erste beiden Beitrag zu der Fotografierherausforderung #saturdayview von @luxurylifestyle.

Here are my first two contributions to the photography challenge #saturdayview  by @luxurylifestyle.

Wunderbare Natur an der Spree/ Wunderful nature at the river spree.

Panasonic DMC- LX 100 without editing.

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wonderfull shots and also lake is look fantastic with this brithtest water

Very nice pictures @lichtblick! Upvoted and followed your account

Amazing ty for share

Beautiful and perfect look to dive into the nature.

Wow amazing....
thank you @lichtblick
I really like it
keep steeming
Cheers !

Awesome photographs! Thank you for sharing with us.:)

Water and plants, what's not to love! Beautiful


Thank you very much @roused :-) That is very kind.

Nice! You must live in Berlin :)


Thank you @edje :-) Yes I live in Berlin atm :-)


Super nice city, Love it, next time I'll visit your hometown is in November, but usually spend a couple times a year a ling weekend. Sat next to the Spree several times, after a good night out :)

So peaceful divine shot

This is absolutely beautiful.
I feel like I'm in a wonder world with all these celestial and enchanting views. Especially with the sun coming through the foliage and giving that great natural blue.
Exceptional shot @lichtblick

Nice photos. And thank you for the list of challenges

such a peaceful shot mann

Love these photos. You can never fail with nature. 😉

hi , @lichtblick , Upvote me and Follow .. i also upvote and Follow ... you


hi @rakibulce- read this article
Usually if somebody comes regulary on my blog and gives a good comment, he/ she will get a visit in return. Sometimes I follow immediatly and sometimes that person needs a few trys. It depends on what I see in the blog which I visit. Patience and consitency are the keys ;-)