3 hours left to help STEEM win the 10th key in Satoshis Treasure Hunt

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Last chance to join in the #satoshistreasure twitter movement to help STEEM bring home the $1M bitcoin prize.

STEEM needs you. ONLY 3 HOURS LEFT. We need more!

There’s just three steps needed to help team Steem Clan win the 10th key in the treasure hunt! Worth 1 Million in Bitcoin!

Just talk to @juliakponsford on the Discord right here

Here’s my contribution: https://twitter.com/ashtvmusicvideo/status/1140004678077468674?s=21

Get on it Steemians :)

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Hey Ash,

I don't know if you've been paying attention to the proposed rewards changes or not in the upcoming hardfork 21 of Steem, but I just finally got around to reading up on it and I am not pleased. They want to reduce the payout towards authors to a 50/50 split with curators rather than the 75/25 we currently receive.

Please have a look at my post and share it if you feel similarly. I do not think this is in the best interest of the network and the creators here.


Hi Phil,
Cheers for the link - I missed your post somehow.

Yes I’ve been seeing various posts and reading about the effects of the hard fork. I am in agreement and have always considered the change to 50/50 would be a highly damaging, and irreparable move.

I’m not technical and just about understand very basics of STEEM; so I’ve been complacent in talking about this issue.
I don’t really know what’s actually best for the network and the reasons why some would vote this 50/50 setup 1 but even I can see that it would be damaging.

I just assume this isn’t anything I can change.. I guess this is all the hands of witnesses?

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Hey. Thanks. I’m sorry for blasting you with my article. I feel bad about it, but I felt I couldn’t take this lying down. You create fun content on here about your filmmaking and I think you deserve the bulk of rewards for your work.

Three of the top 20 witnesses responded to my article. One with what seems like a sarcastic remark and the other with a question that insinuates that someone who invests money is worth more than the creators who make the network worth visiting. The other - Tim - just reiterated what he stated before, again without evidence.

These attitudes are mind blowing to me. They reek of arrogance.

Sooooooo angry.

Thanks again for your ear.

Don’t worry man, I always like hearing from you and you have valid points.

I agree with you and I feel frustrated that it might potentially cause an exodus from the platform.. the opposite of what a lot of peoples efforts have been, with on-boarding etc.

There’s a big shift happening and I’m not sure there’s much we can do except wait and see.

If 50/50 happens then it will be disappointing but perhaps something can rise from it?

It’s feels like Brexit happening over here. Like watching a car crash in super-slow-motion. No matter which way you voted, no one gets what they want - and ultimately only time will tell
If it will have a positive impact.

What would you do if 50/50 happened?
Would you stop posting? Leave STEEM? Carry on and make the best of it?

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I don't know! I think I might bail. This whole thing makes me sick. I think that these top witnesses need to be voted out of their position in favor of ones that will protect creators and operate with far more transparency. I've only chosen 3 witnesses because I like to take a moment to see how they behave. I'm glad I've never chosen any of the current top witnesses. They always had too much power for my taste.

There are other services like LBRY, HyperSpace and Creative Chain that I think are worth exploring. Flixxo is total garbage. So if I bail, it'll be to one of those platforms, but I don't want to have to do that! I love Steem and I love the fact that this place was made for creators, not stakeholders. Not to make whales even bigger.

I don’t want you to migrate either - but if this place doesn’t support creators and authors then perhaps it’s the best option. Perhaps keep the STEEM and run a curation bot or something then post content elsewhere.
When does the new hard fork come in to effect - any idea?

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Good job - I'm down the chain somewhere shortly behind @steevc

I should've tagged some people!

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Awesome work @revisesociology - I wonder if there will be a post on the blockchain documenting the whole thing?

I only caught on to it recently and I’ve been away this last week. A tag would’ve been cool - maybe next time eh?

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For sure. I'm hoping for some more of these easy tasks - the thinking ones are just out of my league!

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Mate, I can’t even keep up or understand the conversation in the Discord, let alone the actual tasks themselves!

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I was looking at that Satoshi can the other day.... just seems like there's so much room for interpretation. There's too much lateral thinking involved and too many dead ends for my liking!

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Thank you so much for participating in the Partiko Delegation Plan Round 1! We really appreciate your support! As part of the delegation benefits, we just gave you a 3.00% upvote! Together, let’s change the world!


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