Will Satoshi be revealed?

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John McAfee

who is known for his creation of the McAfee anti virus made him millions claims to know who Satoshi is. He is not the owner of the software which was sold off years ago with dwindling wealth has made headlines this time by claiming that he knows who Satoshi might be.

He wants Satoshi to come forward or he would be revealed. I still remember the younger me who loved watching wrestling thinking it was real had this addiction watching unmasking of a superstar who lost a match. It's the thrill of the mystery.

Read the original report.

I do not know how he protects the identity of Satoshi as he claims. Do you believe what he has said? There is a mystery. Why is Satoshi's 980k BTC untouched? Was he too overwhelmed by his own success that he could not bear the pressure? I still remember the news about the creator of Flappy Bird who took his own life as he could not bear with the guilt of addiction and overuse of the game.

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Even the creator of Minecraft ended up unhappy. He was paid 2 Billion USD for Minecraft and it made him an instant billionaire. He felt that he could not make something similar to Minecraft ever again.

If indeed one day, we do have proof of the true identity of Satoshi, what's gonna happen?

4.9 Billion worth of BTC. Wow. If I had just ten million, I would be set for life.

I would buy a piece of land, built a house, not a mansion. Grow fruits and veggies, invest my cash to built some income making machines. Sometimes I wonder and think. Those who are intelligent enough to make money work gets wealthier while those who work for these rich folks haven a clue what's gonna happen to them. Workers imported into rich countries from poorer countries built big beautiful buildings so the owner sells them at premium price paying those who did the work mere pennies.

This is a new shopping mall with apartments built on the other side of the road is a prime example. Each apartment sells for 400K and workers paid pennies would still be in the same financial position ten years from now. Is it financial knowledge deficiency the reason?

I guess that is the cycle of life. This condition has to be true for the business ecosystem to work.

This will be the biggest revelation. Is Satoshi an American? Is he still even here? A group of Satoshi? We will never know until his identity revealed.


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A younger me talking about Hal Finney, who at one point was believed to be Satoshi. 😂😂 I somewhat think those bitcoin will never be touched.

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Hi hi.. Patrick.. Wow. I watched your video. You look totally badass if u din have ur glasses on. How come u din continue anymore on that channel? I thought u made good videos. I have read about Hal Finney in digital gold.

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I basically stopped, because a lot of the material I was covering was almost over my head or above my pay grade, if you will. Like you think you have a grasp but then go to make a video and it like wait what am I even saying, lol. So I would do a lot a research to try to at least try to sound like I knew what I was talking about.

Plus I had one “go viral” it was by video about bitcoin mining. It was only like 20k views, but for me only getting 10/20 views it was amazing. Started making me nervous to shoot videos. Plus the time it takes to raise two girls, maybe I’ll make some on DTube someday!!

I looked badass! 😂😂 I have a little badass in me, but I’m mostly dork! 😂😂

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Thank you for the upvote. Really appreaciate it. 😊😊😊

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👍👍👍😊😊😁😁😁 Hi hi..

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This is somewhat mysterious)

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Haha.. Hi hi. Yea lo. Wonder who he really is.

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