Craig Wright Reveals Himself as Satoshi Nakamoto

Austrailian entrepreneur Craig Wright has revealed himself as Satoshi Nakamoto.

Unlike earlier red herrings, Mr. Wright has provided nearly unequivocal evidence for his identity as the creator of the digital currency Bitcoin. This evidence took the form of a digital signature signed by private keys that could have only belonged to the earliest of bitcoin miners. Most likely, the early mining would include only Satoshi Nakamoto, making the proof very strong. The full story is at


EVEN AS HIS face towered 10 feet above the crowd at the Bitcoin Investor’s Conference in Las Vegas, Craig Steven Wright was, to most of the audience of crypto and finance geeks, a nobody.

His name hadn’t made the conference’s list of “featured speakers.” Even the panel’s moderator, a bitcoin blogger named Michele Seven, seemed concerned the audience wouldn’t know why he was there. Wright had hardly begun to introduce himself as a “former academic who does research that no one ever hears about,” when she interrupted him.

“Hold on a second, who are you?” Seven cut in, laughing. “Are you a computer scientist?”

“I’m a bit of everything,” Wright responded. “I have a master’s in law…a master’s in statistics, a couple doctorates…”

“How did you first learn about bitcoin?” Seven interrupted again, as if still trying to clarify Wright’s significance.

Wright paused for three full seconds. “Um. I’ve been involved with all this for a long time,” he stuttered. “I—try and stay—I keep my head down. Um…” He seemed to suppress a smile.

At that point, I knew he was Satoshi Nakamoto. Some may not believe he is the inventor of Bitcoin. Craig Wright will need to prove this identity to his disbelievers.

still to be proven!

I think bitcoin has made its fame and everyone wants to feel connected to it . The real bitcoin founder has an anonymous identity for years, he will not just reveal himself for some fantasy. I dont agree with this claim. Bring more story and make it real enough to be believed.

Even rezule making quality content here, lol you see, if you want you can <3.

Craig Wright is a con man. Why the need for a huge press conference and why is it so hard to prove he is who he says he is. The proof he gave to the media has now been proven to be a con. Why if he's Satoshi would he con the people he's trying to convince. Being Satoshi would mean he would be invited to speak and he would become a leader in the crypto-world has the founder of it's most popular coin. In other words money.

Shitpost and he is not fucking Satoshi.

There is no Satoshi Nakamoto. It's a pseudonym that belongs to anybody and lots have claimed it but it's not an identity. The cloak that protects the identity of users is held up by the anonymity of the currency like a sash. Sash > Satoshi. Beneath the cloak is only a naked human > NakaMoto.

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