Free 150$ SATX Token AIRDROP!!Step By Step Guide.

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SatoExchange marketing team has designed an airdrop procedure for registrations during the prelaunch.At first, I thought Satoexchange is another scam having no trading volume. Gradually they drew my attention. Using Satoexchange has some great advantages in one word it is awesome! I also tried their giving away and was too much pleased with that! Now I am having 1000 SATX token in my wallet.The airdrop will be limited to the prelaunch period and may be terminated before or after full launch.

    What Is SatoExchange?

    SatoExchange is a cryptocurrency exchange market like bittrex,coinbase.

    Why SatoExchange?
  • Simple Registration procedure and joining in the telegram group will give you 1000 SATX!
  • They have released the coin listing and voting system.This system provides registered SatoExchange members with ability to list as many as possible of their favorite tokens/coins.All coins listed will be voted for in a month and the top currencies with highest votes will be listed on Satoexchange markets after at the end of the month.
  • They have 31 Available Currencies,95 Market/Trading Pairs and still counting and provide you 30x Faster Transaction Speed.

    What Is The Value Of SATX Tokens?

    1000 SATX Tokens = 150$ !!

    Do They Have Any Affiliate Programe?

    Yes.They Have a very nice affiliate programe:

    Affiliates: These are members having less than100 active referrals in the system: 20% - Members of this category will earn 20% of the fees generated from each of their referrals.

    Associates: These are members that have 100 or more active referrals
    25% - Members of this category will earn 25% of the fees generated from each of their referrals.

      Step By Step Guide Towards SATX Token:
    • Click This Link To Go Satoexchange Website.

    • Create Your Account.Give valid Email,confirm your password and a PIN code.A confirmation email to activate your exchange account will be sent to your email.

    • Then log in to your account.Click the navigation bar (for mobile user) or click the Account Menu (for computer).Go to My Account.
    • Check The Tweet Button and make a tweet and wait for the varification of your tweet.

    • After verification you will get the bonus code like this.Try to make tweet again and again if your tweet doesn't get verified.

    • After having the bonus code, join on the telegram at satoexchange official group.Copy The bonus code and paste in the group.For example : If Your code is /gsfhsfsn, paste it like /gsfhsfsn.Make sure your code was paste in the group in the correct form and it is important!

    • Now Check your Balance.You are the owner of 1000 SATX Token/150$!!!! If you face any trouble in these steps let me know this in the comment.

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