It is our solar system!

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 Another solar system found in the solar system that we have been receiving from different planets and satellites. NASA's investigative telescope Kepler Space Telescope and artificial intelligence robot (AI) discovered the solar system.

Today's news agency AFP reported on Friday that NASA has confirmed the authenticity of the information on Thursday.

In a statement, NASA said, "There are a number of planets connected to a star in our solar system. And the new solar system is like our solar system. This can be called a small version of our solar system. '

Astronomer and University of Texas Professor Andrew Vanderborg said, "The star of the new solar system is Kepler-90. Seven of these planets were discovered earlier. The planets are very close to the stars. Now a new planet has been found. Kepler-90i is a rocky planet like Earth. The planet orbits its stars in 14.4 days. There  is a lot of temperatures here. "NASA says, because of the discovery of a  new planet, it can be said that the orbit of this solar system is just  like us. In this solar system, eight planets are arranged like our solar system. 

 Earlier, our solar system was said to have nine planets surrounding the Sun. In 2005, a group of researchers led by scientist Mike Brown took Pluto's status as a planet. As such, eight planets in our solar system

According  to the report, NASA reported that the new detected planet Kepler-90 is  about 800 degrees Fahrenheit (426 degrees Celsius) in temperature. The planet is as hot as the planet Mercury closest to the Sun. Discovery of new planets and solar systems is possible with the help of Google's machine learning method. It was led by Google's senior software engineer Christopher Selu and astronomer Andrew Vanderberg.

According to the report, in 2009 Kepler Space Telescope sent NASA to space in search of life. So far, about 1, 50 thousand stars have made the Kepler space telescope. Apart from this, the telescope has discovered about 25,000 vinagas in the 'habitable' world so far 

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