Bangladesh receives signal of Bangabandhu

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Bangladesh has received the transmission of Bangabandhu satellite-1 that premiered on Saturday night time. The first signal has recently been received from Saturnite Bangladesh station Ground Station Gazipur and Betbunya from Ground Station.

State Minister for Information and Communication Technology Zunaid Ahmed Palak affirmed the receipt of the signal of Bangabandhu-1.

In an interview with the UN agency, Paulck said that Bangabandhu-1 reached the Korny Space Center in Florida, USA on Sunday at 2. 30 evening on Saturday in his own orbit Geostationary Copy Orbiter. After half an hour it started mailing signals. Gazipur and Betbunia Ground Station took the signal of the satellite television. This is the preliminary signal. Although the satellite tv will be operated in its own orbit it will take another 14 days.

Earlier, the dish was scheduled to be launched from 2: doze am to 4: 00 pm on Friday. Even though all the preparations were completed, it was delayed for a couple of minutes before start.

According to SpaceX, Reuters news agency reported that due to a tiny error, the kick off was suspended for twenty-four hours.

Later, Bangabandhu-1 satellite television was successfully launched on Saturday. 'Falcon-9' rocket will reach the space within the next 10 days. After 20 days the satellite will start working. It will be manipulated from Gazipur and Betbuniya in Bangladesh. For this, Ground Control Station has been built at Joydebpur in Gazipur. However, there is a satellite station in Betbunia long ago.