SatoshiCoin (SATC) Bountie for "ALL MN Holder" in Presale

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SatoshiCoin is Just Now in ICO PreSale Stage with special Bountie:

One of the Vision of Project:
We are creating the first hardware wallet that does not need any connection to a computer called “Satoshi Secure”. The device will work entirely independently, and you can use Satoshi Secure worldwide without any restrictions.


YOU can get sutch Hardware Wallet:
--> if you have 2500 SATC Masternode

We will be giving our Satoshi Secure hardware wallet to masternode holders as a way to say thank you for supporting and helping us with this project.

Everyone that has purchased a full masternode during any of our presale stages will be able to claim Satoshi secure for free. We will contact eligible customers for details closer to the time.

Please note; they will be distributed before the official release and may be a beta model.

See more here: SatoshiCoin

We are NOW also on Facebook: FB-SATC-GROUP

Masternode Pool:

Just Follow @SVtechnik for more Informations about Crypto

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