Cosmic Rebels and Outlaws, Politics of the Self.

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I have never been one to promote my personal beliefs other than at a political level. I don't make claims for others to conform to my ideas because it is not my interest to do so for i want an audience who can think for themselves and act on their own views accordingly knowing that they themselves are responsible for their actions. Unfortunately people in governments, religion and the collective herd have failed to acknowledge their own faults and all they create are mere scapegoats. And while I myself may not personally like The 45th President of The United States, i believe he is necessary for America to cleanse itself of the false sense of the group herd slave mindset. Initiated by the Morally religious sects of Christianity, continued under the authoritarian Marxist ideologues of the Left. Personally I can't tell the difference between the two because they both believe in the absolute and the collective guilt of their victims. Original sin for the Abrahamists, "White-Perivilege" "White-Guilt" for the Marxists. Saying that one is guilty for the sins of others is absurd and robs one of the individual spirit.

The so called "Alt.Right" though i can sympathize with them for they fear the death of an entire way of life and the death of an entire race and culture, are also guilty of the group herd mentality and the projection of the collective.

The race baiting and the identity politics began by the neoliberal and neoconservative establishment powers to divide the sheep amongst themselves so they can profit for their own self interests and only care to meet their own ends. Though it is is within human nature to act within their own self interests, and self preservation is the highest priority, ultimately it is the individual that must make their own choices and act upon their own interests.

One could argue that forming groups or tribes or communities can be the individual's conscious decision because it serves his/her self interest because it increases his/her chances of survival and it also motivates him/her to the Will to Power. One can also implement the Will to power in a constructive purpose rather than a destructive purpose. For the Cosmic rebel, they serve no master, they serve no god, no party, no creed, only play upon their interests and their own morality. It is not necessarily a bad thing because it depends solely on the individual. One can also argue that to break society's norms can ruin one's self interest as they will squander a portion of their life in a prison cell or simply killed by another individual that places his self preservation above that of the criminal.

As Nietzche originally put it, one must reject objective morality and must therefore place his own subjective morality and code so he may become an even greater individual, and not fall slave to the herd mentality that has been prescribed by those who seek to accumulate their own power at the expense of others. One who is his own master and serves only himself. Of course as long as he does not tread on the rights of others and they will not tread on him.

Again this is my own subjective understanding and my own opinion which itself is not objective. Admittedly my worldview is not meant for everyone. Not everyone will agree with me or at least wholeheartedly. That is fine. If there is one truth in life is that Nature is cruel, merciless, unforgiving and indifferent to subjective opinion. I also recognize that in reality that only the strong Survive. Those who conform to the herd mentality, will ultimately perish as their figurehead or the collective all consciously decide to disregard their own survival. The blind leading the blind. The sheep leading the sheep. And he who becomes sheep, will get eaten by the wolf. Life is never fair, nothing is free, One must reap what he sows and take responsibility for their decisions. Such is the Law of the Jungle.

Humans normally will only look after themselves and those they care about because they can only handle their self-interest. If one wants to assist a stranger, that by itself is also self-interest because they themselves want to see that other person succeed. Animals also can only look after their own self-preservation and the preservation of their groups. to do so otherwise will be a detriment to their survival. The Leftists like to preach about Equality and assisting those who cannot help themselves, but they use force or the force of the government and or the force of the collective mob to achieve their own ends. One can choose to help others, but it is their own choice and should not be intervened by those who use force.

Fortunately, the Left's power hold is weakening and it will inevitably wane away, though i must warn you to beware of those on the Right as well to implement their own laws that will act upon blind faith and to not question them and hold them to scrutiny. Throughout history we have seen power corrupts those who want to justify their way of thinking and to go against our own self-interests. The days of liberty and freedom and the Constitution have been reduced to nothing more than the paper it is written on. Just as those who will use force against you to conform to their way, so must you be willing to use force to protect yourself and your livelihoods. Self-preservation will always be on the priority of the individual who yearns to break free from the forces of tyranny and despotism, and if the worst should ever come one must be ready to fight and survive by any means necessary and if one should perish then at least they will die free.

It is better to Reign in Hell than to serve in heaven. it is better to die a free man than to live in servitude. Liberty or Death. Subservience to the will of another is a fate worse than death. If one cannot control any aspect of his or her life, then one does not deserve to call themselves free. If one does not have a sense of pride or individuality, then their life is utterly meaningless. Yes it is cruel, but Life is never suppose to be fair. I am not telling you to go break the law, because i do not want to be held responsible if you decide to do something stupid. I know that part is not necessary because I assume my audience are rational thinkers and can make their own decisions and they know better than to act on another's command. After reading this what you choose to do with your life is your responsibility, and your own decision to make. No one should make that decision for you. Not even myself.

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