Recollecting my SAP ABAP Experience

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Hi, this is Kuraizuke and welcome to my digital lifestyle.

For today, I'll be sharing with you my experience as an ABAPer (ABAP Programmer) because I want to try to recollect things and create a best resume ever since I'm planning to go back as a Programmer.

Yup! Actually after I worked as an ABAPer, I went working as a Service Desk due to difficulty in looking for a job here in Metro Manila and that time I needed money because I'm running short and that 's the only easiest way for me to get a job.
So, I left my programming skills for the sake of having money at the moment.

Time goes by, and there's this urge for me to go back into programming. Not because I don't like my job or something but because whenever I'm at the office I'm always doing some small programming stuff like creating scripts for simple troubleshooting steps but I'm not that kind of master programmer. Let's just say that I have what it takes to make a program because I know how to research and study.

Anyway, so here I am trying to recollect my experience about it... Why? Here's the story, last time I went to a Facebook group for people looking for an IT job. I posted there about my experience and I'm looking for a SAP ABAP Position. Then, a member of the group made a comment asking me questions and at the end of our conversation he stated that I needed to recollect my experience in ABAP Developer and I'm not sure what he means. I already updated my resume and showed it to him but it ain't enough. And today, I'm trying to compose something and I hope that I got it correct. If not, please leave a comment and help me to sort this out.

Here's what I got:

  • Developed ABAP Programs such as creating ALV for reports, automating email notification when a report is generated on a daily basis by a background processes, creating configurations and ABAP Dictionary
  • Well known in using ABAP Editor for writing and editing reports, module pools, includes and subroutine pools (SE38), ABAP Dictionary for processing database table definitions and retrieving global types (SE11), Menu Painter for designing the user interface (menu bar, standard toolbar, application toolbar, function key assignment) (SE41), Screen Painter for designing screens and flow logic (SE51), Function Builder for function modules (SE37), and Class Builder for ABAP Objects classes and interfaces (SE24)
  • Specialized in using MM, SD, PP, and FI/CO Modules under SAP ERP component.
  • Optimized SAP tables for better performance in runnng reports
  • Modified and enhanced previous ABAP Programs
  • Implemented HGA REM Project in TDK where it changed process from Work Order to REM(Repetitive Manufacturing)
  • Debugged technical issues on modified programs
  • Updated SAP R/3 version to ECC6 version to be Unicode compliant.

That's it. I'm not sure if I have done it correctly and I'm going to update my resume again.

Thanks for reading this and hope to know your thoughts about it.


I do SAP FICO. Hehe

Nice... It's been awhile that I have not programming using SAP and I hope that I could pass my interview this Saturday...