Edward Snowden & Booze Allan Vatican Sanctioned ?

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Subtitle: Who is Boozy the Clown..? No not the Canadian Snowboard crew...
In 2009 Edward was able to do the impossible... yes and no one in the media has told you.

Edward Snowden robbed UBS Swiss.. YOU&US ...
A hammer looking for nails...
You know the bank that no one can get into to investigate .. well Edward did...
Now its not what you think he did not rob money ..eh persay he robbed the important details like
Who is funding ISIS, and sponsoring mass murder, paying for Child sex Human trafficking and moving human slaves.
Kinda a big deal don't you think .. So why is it that you haven't heard about it yet ..
Because there is only Lies in the news silly and truth in movies
cut to Snowden and his Sept 16 2016 movie release date ...
do you think they are going to tell you about The Hammer?
Do you know who Booze Allan is ? NO
ok well you see there is this little company called the CIA and they are not to be spying on USA soil so they subcontract out to Booze Allan a subcontractor if you will with all the reach and bells and whistles with out the red tape.

Enter in Bluff dale UTAH and the UTAH saints ... well you see there is this lil old server with SAP special access protocol
NOPE not Killerys no no .. this severs got the goods .. on the top the wikid ...
this is another server that is housed in Bluffdale Utah and you see it is the Goose that lays all the golden eggs

I don't know how it is that no one knows their cell phone is collecting everything they type speak text film photo and location ... let alone about the SAP's

Yes no small feet

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