We Got a Buy Signal after 8 months of bear phase - is it going to be correct prediction

in #santiment4 years ago

Below is the latest prediction from my methodology for crypto trend prediction using Santiment data. The chart shows Gain in Equity.

Startdate = 1 Nov 2017, Start Equity= 100000, End Equity = 1599628, Number of Trades=7, Latest position= LONG

After 8 months being in bear phase -methodology gave first buy signal. The signal came on 7th January although analysis was done today. And it has not changed since then despite market going down since then as seen in below image

So far the signals from methodology are 100% correct. I have no idea if this signal will be true or not. Or it will be reverted soon to sell as has happened once in past from sell to buy. So I will do this analysis now more regularly.

The methodology was posted in post - data provided by santiment improves trading profitability. Please refer to that for details about the methodology.

Using that methodology along with data from Santiment for 34 ERC20 assets - I see excellent results with nearly 18 times return for a year. What is interesting is that last sell signal came on 8th May 2018 and it continued till 7th January 2019.


Would be nice to get out of this bear market in general!

Analysis suggests that. I will repeat it soon.

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