Combination of Santiment data and proprietary Trading Signal Suggests bear market to continue

in santiment •  11 months ago  (edited)

I have designed a very comprehensive methodology for crypto trend prediction using Santiment data. The methodology was posted in previous post - data provided by santiment improves trading profitability.Please refer to that for details about the methodology.

Using that methodology along with data from Santiment for 34 ERC20 assets - I see excellent results with nearly 17 times return for a year. What is interesting is that last sell signal came on 8th May 2018 and it continues.

So we are in bear phase and it is expected to continue.

Startdate = 1 Nov 2017, Start Equity= 100000, End Equity = 1752349, Number of Trades=6,

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It will be interesting to see how low the market can go!

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