Trade Idea #010 - SAN USD - Aug 21, 2017: Buy High and Sell Higher

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This type of opportunities does not present themselves very often, but it is a pattern I have been spotting in the crypto market with high probabilities of success. The plan is enter long after the Break-Out, Buy High and Sell Higher. As stupid as it sounds, I know.

Needless to say, if entering it requires patience, and having a well laid out plan.

1:4 Risk to Reward ratio, scaling in small but the possibility of bailing out if breakout fails. Look for Volume coming in, perhaps zooming in at 30-min charts.

I have been a bit late on my posts, specially updating my Crypto Trading Journal. Happy to say I am up +45%, but not happy to say my performance has been spotty and need to do some things to correct it. As always, trade your plan, this is not an investment advice & treat it as edutainment. For those who have not familiar with my previous post, I use these trade ideas as sound board, and am open to criticism.

Happy bright & sunny Monday! Wear protective eyewear if looking at the Sun, specially around 1-2pm EST :)


Trade active?

Hi @maarnio, trade worked out :) I have been busy at the office, been really hard to post. Unfortunately I didn't get in, but will try keeping up with everyone next week! Hope all is well