Protesters vs Water Canons and Riot Police in Santiago, Chile. April 2018.

in santiago •  10 months ago

This happened a few blocks from our apartment in early April. We were out looking to have a beer when we noticed riot police suiting up in the neighborhood around a group of a couple hundred people who were making speeches about police brutality. When the group tried to march down the street the police fired water cannons over their heads, prompting an angry volley of rock throwing. The march had been peaceful until the arrival of water cannons. This turned into a roaming battle that lasted for 30 minutes until the crowds were cleared out. At least one of the water cannons contained a substance that burned the eyes and nose.

Notice the street dogs in the video. They LOVE riots!

Also note that this is my fourth attempt at uploading this video to Dtube. The earlier versions were not the correct codec and so they would not play in most browsers.


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