Number of BTC Addresses Hoarding 1,000 or More Bitcoins Rises to New High

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The bitcoin price has seemingly been directionless lately, with the bulls and bears wrestling for control and taking investors on a wild roller coaster ride. Meanwhile, there are more BTC addresses holding onto BTC than ever. Market intelligence firm Glassnode reports that "number of Bitcoin addresses holding more than 1,000" coins reached about 2,000 in October, which appears to be the highest level, at least since 2015, based on the data in the chart provided. suggests it could be bitcoin whales, new institutional investors, or crypto exchanges hoarding BTC. A Twitter user whose handle is "Cryptoboy" responded to the thread with the chart, entitling it "Bear Market."


the number of bitcoin millionaires hovers at 12,000 based on 36 million millionaires "on this planet," according to crypto analyst Willy Woo citing Coinmetrics data.

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