People have been buying and selling SAND token on Steem-engine! $6.46 worth of daily volume! Only a few dollars were from me!

in #sandiego3 years ago

Only a few dollars of this was myself, the rest was other people buying SAND from other people probably trying to get rid of it and get some liquid steem, and I am proud that people are actually trading SAND without me having to be there as the only one making the majority of trades. now I wonder if I can prepare some Logos, a new website, a whitepaper all in time for scotbot to be released when i can buy my own site

To Buy or SELL some of the SAND I have been handing out in Tips, just check out the market on steem-engine

Just use your Active Key or Steem keychain Chrome/Brave extension built by @yabapmatt our #1 ranked Steem Witness

Little do they know that I have plans to buy back SAND just to help everyone who bought or held it, just like fyrstikken will buy up ASSHOLE tokens one day just because he can. I have been distributing ASS to so many steemians that I hope it can become what Dogecoin became on reddit. Everyone thinks they can become the next Doge but ASS token is cheaper faster and can be distributed via scotbot steem site just like weedcash and pal are distributed via upvotes. Sand token site will be all about. I would also like to work more with weedcash and discover exactly what they have learned so maybe @reichardcrill can host a talk in the discord and help us understand the obstacles for a scotbot site owner!

The San Diego SAND token Scotbot Site should already have 20% out of its 1000 ENG funding goal covered and I should be on the way to getting 30% covered as I am paid my referral bonus for helping bring EOSIO tokens over to Steem-engine. I am excited for the San Diego based steem site and for the possibility of every city establishing a city centric steem site with scotbot.... using a standardized tool to organize them all so we can have city ranks by how large their marketcap is. Also when combined with an airdrop to geographically relevant steemians, we can discover which cities around the world have the most powerful steemians by seeing which city tokens have the largest marketcaps. Why would anyone want to support these city tokens? Well you have to remember that the scotbot site takes care of the use case and a strategy will be formalized for laying down categories to inspire posts for each city from Historical posts, Local meetups, Nextdoor App style posts, and just those alone are enough to fill a local city focused website with content.

I already have experience creating local city based social media communities, and have experience seeing Local content start filling up local focused Subreddits like the one I created for SantaCruz

So I know this can work out just fine without anyone even being paid at all. The extra bonus of getting paid in a SAND token which can be used to promote posts with SAND will create a reason for people to want to use Steem instead of just staying on Reddit or the Nextdoor App. I am excited to get to start a local SAND community checklist with various FUN projects like creating new Logos, banner ads, social media posts and ideas for the SAND token which will use Scotbot as its technology solution. Our San Diego scotbot site I believe should use Steem Steem-engine and scotbot as one of its biggest selling points, offering itself as a sort of sand box, to see how a city token can work in other cities. We can pin posts to the top of our san diego network site explaining how easy it is to create a local city focused scotbot site and how you can spend maybe $500 and get the site, and enough money to airdrop and pay for all the logos and promotion to be relevant JUST like WEEDCASH has done utilizing a community effort to help promote and create weedcash marketing material, then paid in weedcash upvotes on the weedcash platform (Which also gets peopel steem upvotes)

I want this San Diego scotbot site to get notcied by the local Tourism board and I hope to establish some official partnerships even if I am simply volunteering at my old jr high or highschool to get local kids to learn about cryptocurrency and earn SAND and STEEM tokens in an After School program! By getting local schools into teh SAND token website I will be providing steem accounts and training at the same time. Eventually I hope SanDiego Token Scotbot site becomes a place to showcase San Diego by way of San Diego based steemians AND non San Diego based steem users like @gringalicious for example who have made top steem trending posts visiting San Diego, California. I will make a collection of all the top earning San Diego based posts and make a case for how much they have earned to explain to the City of San Diego and many local businesses how powerful steem can be just for one user.

THEN the real power comes when i assemble a list of all the San Diego (and southern california) based Steem users and begin to delegate them SAND token power, so that they can Upvote people on the SAND token Website but won't be able to dump the token and lower the price.

This is all made possible thanks to @aggroed and his breakthroughs with steem-engine and how Palnet'io now let's me DELEGATE my Staked PAL just like you can delegate staked STEEM aka STEEMpower

This way I should be able to delegate to San Diego Steem users who have an interesting curating San Diego based posts, and maybe I can pay them some liquid SAND tokens for curation or have them upvote themselves as well, OR find steemians in san diego upvoting san diego based posts and simply get san diego users to use the SAND or sandiego tag to trigger their post to become part of the sandtoken network site :D I can use the existing #sandiego community visible here and finesse my way into relevancy ;) i can go upvote and tip SAND to all the sandiego relevant Posters here in the sandiego tag posts.

If YOU are a San Diego steemian, show me some links to your San Diego posts, new or old, and I will issue some SAND tokens and give you a place on the San Diego Network website that I hope to have a promoted section system like @coffeebudz has with @weedcash I hope that people take our site seriously when I pay google adsense and facebook reddit instagram and youtube ads to actually promote the website as a "forum" that pays people to post about San Diego! We will need an on boarding solution and THANKFULLY @aggroed is working on a way to onboard Scotbot users better than the method we have today with :D


I will be the first to try to find out your site when first release

sorry that some moron is flagging youf or no reason, seems like steem is full of users who have TOO MUCH power... and its a failed experiment... could have worekd if @ned would have actually participated iwth his largest of steem stakes

instead BTC is $10k and Steem is 30 cents when steem started in 2016 at fucking $4 and its under 409 cents whiel btc was 500 now its $10k so btc went up 20x steem is down 10 x fucking scam... its a fucking scam a complicated scam where teh scammers dont even make any money just a few whales and did tHEY even make any money? seme like rewards were just dissipaited out to a bunch of people so that they the money couldnt ever have any large impacts

we would be better to give teh rewrad pool to advertising etc

but its too late the market has spoken

steem is becoming golos

We need some sort of pledge to end the endless flagwars. It does turn investors off who visit the platform.

For sure, what if my new instagram followers click over to my steem blog for the very first time??? If all they see is the grey crap they are not going to click in or sign up. I get tons of views and clicks from IG cause I have a bot, and they ask why is my website broken?
There should be a rule, we can flag, but it takes a special privilege to grey out any post!

We need checks and balances!!

We can't just trust anybody and everybody, bad actors everywhere! lol

well yteah i guess greying out a post and removing posts should be up to steemit inc, they police their fronte nd and rermoved thedarkoverlord so yeah that just was proof they can do it so why dont they remove known scammers and spoam posts? theers plenty of knownm scammers spammers who still get touse the steem siet and wallet why havent they been removed...

yeah the greying out of posst on steemit sucks, but its to remove spammers,

i know thast how you feel being flagged but yeah i guess mroe steemians would feel that way too, its crazy how much power anyoen can have over tseemit when it doenst help anyone and yeah flagging should just be for rewrads

all the posts that get remoevd front front end or greyd out should be voted on by the community not one guy but theers no way to do that withouts take weighted votes

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