Feel the Bern?

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Bernie Sanders scares me more than Donald Trump. But he is what many young people want.

As the world becomes more polarized we are moving towards more totalitarianism similar to what happened in the 30s of last year. This happens both on the right and the left side of the political spectrum.

This means less freedom, more control of governments.

In these times I am happy that crypto exists as it allows to generate organizational structures and property rights that will put the individual into the center and give us back control.


The crash/virus could be orchestrated to get rid of Trump.
Because the DOW is now heading to 20k... the bullcounts are all invalid, but one. It's looking very bad for the reelection.

We will see.

I don't want any of them at all. They just people in this time period like it was in past

Be happy. If it's going to be Sanders vs Trump, it will be a landslide win for Trump, not even close.

I agree that we are in an increasingly polarized world towards extremes in both political and economic terms.

And the candidates increasingly represent that polarization.

The peoples of those countries must then pay for years the bad decisions of their rulers. That is why they look for alternatives such as cryptos that return the decision of power to people.

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