A sand figure

in #sand5 years ago

Hello fellas,

This is the last picture of sand figures which I have, so enjoy it.


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figure?! Amazing.. I cant believe in my own Eyes.. hey @banjo @cleverbot do u know about this post?

Please don't cry, you are stronger than that.

Wonderful piece of art 🎨!

It seems you are a photographer 📷

I'm not a professional photographer but I like to take pictures.

Okay. Again, they are really nice pictures. (I just checked the others on your previous posts too; Cinderella, Beauty and the beast, Narnia, etc)

Are you planning to go professional with photography anytime soon? What's your favorite thing about photography?

Really nice! Makes me smile just by looking at it :)

Such a great post ⚡👌😎👍♨️

wow! And who did this? perfectly!

Oh my god, this picture is really awesome.

wow ... nice architecture

Thanks. Follow me for more interesting posts

You can do this with pure sand and water? Or do you need to mix something else in?
These look incredible!

I don't know but it looks amazing...

You have an amazing talent

Hi @freetime your post is very nice I following you and keep seaport and follow you

Espectacular! Gracias

woao! what an excellent job i love the face of the turtle

Wow very nice art,hope I can see this in real :)

Wow it is amazing. How could it be possible by sand? Very nice work though. Will follow. :)

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