Samsung Releases an Application That Can Scan 3D on Galaxy Note 10 Plus Devices

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Samsung's Note 10 series devices are on sale as of today. To celebrate this, the company launched a brand new 3D scanning application.
Today the Samsung Galaxy Note10 and Note10 Plus are officially available in more than 70 countries, including our country, and the company has released a new app to celebrate this important event. The application allows you to scan and create 3D models of real-world objects.

This new technology uses the 3D ToF camera on the back of the device to recognize and model objects. Not only Note 10 Plus, this application, the Galaxy S10 5G and Galaxy A80 model also includes ToF cameras will be supported on these devices.

Samsung 3D Scanner

The 3D Browser application is ready to download in Samsung's Galaxy Store, just download the app name from the store. After installing the 3D Scanner, you can access the application either directly as another application or via Bixby Vision.

To create a 3D model of a real-world object with the application, you need to scan the object from all sides and make sure that there is nothing else around that object. Otherwise, the camera cannot recognize the subject and scanning ends.