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The launch of any new smartphone or tablet on the market is not completed without the iFixit experts having their own opinion after dismantling it, re-examining its contents and giving its own opinion, which is exactly what happened with the new Samsung Galaxy Note 8.

Samsung launched its new smartphone, the Galaxy Note 8, at the end of last month and will be available on the international market starting September 15, but iFixit experts have been able to put the new phone on hand before it is available in stores, and have studied and handed down their final judgment.


Thus, the experts have dismantled the phone number 8 pieces and the statistics of the components and know whether it is easy or difficult to dismantle and repair, and according to iFixit, the components seem easy to switch and repair is a very positive point, but the need to remove the screen before reaching these components is difficult to process The fix has led to the shattering of the screen, something that prompted experts to give the new Samsung phone a 4/10 point just as the Galaxy S8.

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