Postpartum depression

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Many women feel melancholy or sadness after giving birth. They may feel changes in mood, feel anxious or overwhelmed, suffer cries of crying, loss of appetite or difficulty sleeping. But this usually goes away in a few days or a week and the symptoms are not serious and do not need treatment.

However, the symptoms of postpartum depression last longer and are more severe. The new mom may feel hopeless and useless and may lose interest in the baby. Also, you may feel like hurting or hurting your newborn child. Very rarely, these new moms develop something more serious. When this is the case, they hallucinate or try to hurt themselves or their baby. In this case, they need urgent treatment, usually in a hospital.

Postpartum depression can begin at any time within the first year of giving birth. The cause is unknown but it may be that the hormonal and physical changes after childbirth and the stress of caring for a baby play an important role. Women who already suffered from depression, present a higher risk.



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