SALT is a coin that everyone needs to own

in salt •  2 years ago 

Banks are heavily divided when it comes to the blockchain and cryptocurrency. Personally I feel its all a front when they say they are for it and accept it. The simple truth is the world of crypto can easily destroy banks. Platforms like SALT and Crypterium can disrupt and revolutionize banking and also the world of crypto.

Please watch my video and give me your comments on what you think.

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I only have 9 SALT. It's been flat for some time. But I am am holding on to it.

US bank disabled ur account? That sucks. I bank with them too.They havent given me trouble yet.

First off glad your kid is getting better. Second, the largest problem preventing mainstream adoption is being able to transfer Fiat into crypto. That's the only real choke point. The second there is a decentralized fiat bank where people can deposit their paychecks into and use fiat and crypto with debit/credit cards that's when it's all over for banks. Bank of America, Chase, Wells Fargo, etc. I feel in 18 months they will have to make a decisive choice, either adopt blockchain technology or become fully anti-crypto. They have already lost plenty of customers that have fled to credit unions because right now that's the lesser of the two evils.

I've always liked SALT. I currently do not own any SALT as I've watched it be stagnant for the last while. What I appreciate is that this token will actually enable folks to borrow money against their BTC without having to sell BTC. Thus creating more stability for BTC price and benefiting the whole community while circumventing Central banking system. Power to the people!!

I would concur that banks are going to state whatever will be in their best interest... I think it comes down to whenever they will just admit it or not... Salt is a great platform but do not like that you might have to place more token if your coins go down in value (there is no token price fix)... besides that, great idea..

Thank you so much for doing what you do. All of your personal opinions have been very helpful. Every day I look forward to hearing your next video and reading the next blog. I'm new to steemit and Dtube so I'm learning as I go. Keep up the good work buddy!!

I'm really not sure what to do with my SALT....

I agree with the SALT recommendation it is part of my long term hold positions.

si llegara a pasar eso seria epico verlo

I am hanging on to SALT. The amount for each transaction through the website is much higher than the current price on SALT. I see a 300%+ upside or a big correction for the transaction cost. I am betting SALT will increase in value.

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