La Vendedor - Lesson Seven

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Joey strutted into his AA meeting with the female robot behind him. His face was glistened with undeniable joy as he heralded into this dimly lit open area located at the back of a public library. The middle-aged salesman greeted a few familiar faces and shook some friendly hands before grabbing a front row seat. He signaled Karla to sit next to him so he could do the intro when his turn comes.

A tall and scraggy woman took the stage and did the opening for the evening.

“Well well well, look what we got here tonight! Joey, please for heaven sake, introduce your new friend to the audience!” requested the animated instructor.

“Hmm, well ok then! Why don’t I come on the stage so everyone can see me, huh!” giggled the middle-aged salesman.

“For pete sake, please! Everyone, put your hands together and give our dear comrade Joey a big warm welcome!” shouted the skinny woman.

Joey took the stage readily and encouraged the audience to chant after him.

“Time for a change, time for a change, time for a change!” howled Joey.

“Ladies and gentlemen, since I pretty much know everyone here so there won’t be a need for an introduction! However, what I’m about to tell you tonight is going to rock your world! Yup, you can bet your bottom dollar that your little world shall be toppled over!” warned the exhilarated middle-aged salesman.

“So bro, what is it?” bawled a fat chick from the crowd.

“Are you completely conscious now, old fart?” a man with his face fully tattooed shrieked half-jokingly.

“Haha, may I introduce my wonder woman to all of you tonight! Karla, please come to the stage now!” Joey took a gentle bow at the crowd.

All eyes were fixated on the female robot as she ascended the stage swiftly. Karla walked up to her master in a rigid manner as the crowd became eerily quiet.

“So, my beloved AA comrades, may I introduce Karla, my most dependable robot to all of you!” hollered Joey.

Stay tuned.

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