Talk to People - It's totally ok

in #sales3 years ago

In sales, there is no way around it. You have to talk to people. In fact, a mentor of mine in sales told me it's what we get paid to do. We get paid to talk to people. It's a huge reason I go by topnetworker al; it's why I started top networkers group.

Networking is a skill, that a lot of sales people just do not have.

Most are not putting in the effort to become Great - at anything in life. This is no different in the areas of network marketing or mlm. It's not exactly sales, however a lot of sales psychology applies. The mlm industry ends up getting a bad reputation, because it's easier to believe in lackluster existence than it is in greatness.

The majority of people in society today, suffer from Participation Trophy ish - we all want a pat on the back even if we don't deserve one. This applies to what we see in Success. People want a check even if they fail to do the work.

So the 'draw' of not having to talk to people 'and' still getting a check is extremely attractive. People are falling for this scam left and right. Sadly the result is even more people burned out of their money. All of that adds more disillusionment to the people who were already looking for a participation trophy.

And, you and I get bogged down with robocalls ...

There has to be a better way - but WE all have to 'participate' in creating that ...

A message for 'sales people' who don't wanna do Sales the right way

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