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The world is full of people who can and want to sell to other people. They are either gifted in sales or learn the trick of the trades and become great at selling. Interestingly enough, the best salesperson is often the least understood type but a character that is shrouded in mysteries. A great salesperson is hard to come by and when you do end up meeting one, please learn to cherish and pamper this creature.

On that note, please allow me to introduce Joey Bodoie, a quiet and insightful 57 years old salesman known for his quick wit and problem solving skills. He could be outrageously funny and mild mannered, however, our dear Joey could easily morph into a snotty and unpredictable freak who is hell bent in achieving whatever goals that he has set to achieve.

Whenever Joey is out there pounding the pavements and making deals, he has only one purpose in mind and that is to win and to win at all costs. This is the story of our beloved Joey and how he manages to reach his goals without fear of annoying or upsetting other people. His brash behavior has set him apart from the herd and made him a legend in the domestic robot selling business.

Lets grab our ankles and get ready to join Joey on his wild ride of success as his story begins to unfold.

Stay tuned...

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