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maine app ko ajj salad kye information do ga.salad sheath kye lyeahi bhut achi hotey hai aur maine uss ka istmaal bhut hai zaida shouq sy kartai hoo agr app loog healthy rehnai chethai hai tu app loog salad ka istmaal zaida kerehai .aur jao loog diet karte hai woh bhi salad ka istmaal zaida karte .mere dost jao hai woh bhi uss ka istmaal bhut hai zaida karte hai.salad ka istmaal zaida salan kye saath chicken pieace kye saath aur rice kye saath kya jatyaa hai.aur maine rice kye saath salad ka istmaal zaida kartai hoo yeahi uss lyeahi achi hotey hai uss ka name sabzaai maine ataai hai aur sabzaai app kye lyeahi bhut zaida zhoure hotey hai aur jao bhi sabzaai hoo app kye sheath kye lyeahi achi hotey hjai.uss lyeahi dr loog bolte hai uss ka istmaal zaida sy zaida kero.


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mujhe salad maine khaira jao hota hai aur kajar bhut hai zaida achi lagte hai aur pasand bhi bhut zaida hai maine bhut hai zaida shouq sy uss ka istmaal kartai hoo aur khtai bhi bhut shouq sy hoo aur uss ko bhut hai zaida pasand bhi kartai hoo.mere saath jao mere dost hai woh bhi uss ko bhut hai zaida shouq sy khtai hai aur pasand bhi bhut hai zaida karte hai.


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