Eating Salad Art!

in #salad2 years ago

What a blessing to have my everyday sustenance be a combination of my own creative work of art, and the infinite, nutritious, ever glorious work of nature.


Being able to effortlessly tap into an abundant flow of deliciousness in any moment is truly beyond belief. Honestly--does it really get any better than this -- available always right now?


This salad has amazing elements that wakes my senses and my cells to activate, maintain and even rejuvenate. Many of these ingredients I picked moments before consuming them, so I can still feel their life force energy.


Even the oxalis flowers on top with their citrusy tang are not only edible, but oh so good for my health and well-being.

And of course at the @gardenofeden we make our own salad dressings too---created with our own homemade vinegars and infused olive oils--that take this to a whole new level...especially the ingredient of love!

May your days be filled with such exquisite and healthful meals that make you excited to indulge. Or perhaps, you'll experience one of these yourself at the @gardenofeden!

Shellie aka @everlove 💞


Mouthwatering salad ! Superb 🙏

Mmmmm...sooooo good! Great to see you here @akkha!

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