The State of the Saito Arcade

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The Saito Arcade has had a massive month to bring up its first year. We set up the Arcade to showcase Saito’s potential and its ability to support complex, cryptographically-sophisticated applications. The Arcade has outstripped these objectives and become a central hub of our project and community.


The Arcade has also improved a huge amount over the last year. We’ve had an aesthetic makeover, and some more substantive improvements, including:

  • A rewards system – the more you play the more you earn
  • Improved invitation and game management
  • Realtime turbocharged on-chain gameplay

Growing activity on the arcade is also driving Saito transaction volume to new heights.


The above chart shows growth in weekly module transactions on the blockchain. Module transactions are those with user data payload.

Total transactions per day now make Saito comparable to many leading chains. already features industry-leading ease-of-use. Users have a wallet and are playing online and using tokens before they even realize it.

The future is also bright for the Arcade, which is fast becoming a great learning space for new Saito developers and a repository for open-source, cryptographically secured games. Expect some exciting new features in the coming months.

We encourage everyone interested in the future of blockchain to visit Saito and learn. For those who just want a taste of what is coming to replace legacy blockchain, come to the Saito Arcade and enjoy a game – or just hang out with the community. There is no better place to be these days, and it provides a much-needed break from the real world.

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