Happy St Patrick's Day!

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Good afternoon Steemit,

With Bitcoin in freefall, I'm really lacking the inspiration required to talk markets like normal. We're all human beings and have to ride the ups and downs we all feel. Just have to make sure to stay level enough to make clear headed decisions.

To do that, I need to step back from the usual topics I blog and completing @steemitboard's catch the Saint Patrick’s day award challenge is the perfect little escape.


To get the little St Patrick's Day badge, I need this #saint-patrick tagged blog to receive 10 upvotes, so please help me out here guys!

I should first up precursor this blog by saying that I'm an Australian of distant Irish heritage, who very much despises the fact that human beings still allow religion, including Christianity, to exists in 2018. Like come on guys, at least think critically and try to explain the seemingly unexplainable, rather than taking the lazy way out with the excuse of faith.

On that note, let's talk about leprechauns! A seamless segway, I know.

Happy St Patrick's Day!

What is a Leprechaun?

A leprechaun is a sort of mythical, fairy-tale type of creature, etched into Irish folklore. They are usually depicted as little bearded men who wear a green coat and hat. Cheeky, mischievous and drunk. Typical cliché, derogatory Irish.

Supposedly they are solitary creatures that spend their careers as shoemakers. Pigeonholed from the beginning like that, can you really blame them for getting on the Guinness every day?

I don't really get this part, but if they are captured by a human, then they will often grant 3 wishes in exchange for their freedom. This just sounds like a terrible deal for them, but hey, we're the religious ones after all!

Sex Sells

Now as I'm sure you've seen as a citizen of this beautiful place that we call the internet, sex sells. I'd like to introduce you to the star of this blog, Miss sexy lady leprechaun.

But while the sexy lady leprechaun has become popular in modern society, female leprechauns aren't actually Irish at all. They're just another sexual modernisation of a classic fairy tale to sell a product.

There is in fact no record of female leprechauns in Irish lore and they even classically wore red, rather than green. Outrageous, I know!

So did I get my badge?! Thank you for your help and giving me an outlet to get away from markets if even just for an afternoon.

Best of probabilities to you.

Peace ✌🏻.

Please leave a comment with your ideas or just share a chart.

Blogging about markets is all about sharing ideas and making us see all possible angles. I look forward to having you follow along and reading what you throw at me.

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Let all just forget about crypto for the weekend and get fuckin wasted paddys day.gif

Hear fuck’n hear! 😂

Thanks pal! 🍻

Happy St Patrick's day. Have a great time and sprinkle some magical love to everyone today. The world has too many negative people, we need to surround ourselves with good kind people who can spread more love.

Peace and love my friend. ✌🏻

Happy St. Patrick's Day... I love that celebration photo with mugs of beer and with friends. Enjoy!

Cheers pal! 🍻

Time to get wasted while drinking green beer, everyone!


Haha I’ve actually never seen this in Australia. I want it! 🍺

How old I use the that tag of #saint-patrick?

What do you mean?

Haha shit, I didn’t resteem the original post until after I published this blog.

SOS @steemitboard!

That's not a problem ... your award is coming ;)

You’re a legend mate. Love your work by the way. Thanks for everything you continue to do for the platform!

I’ve given you a follow and will hopefully see you around 😎.

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What has that got to do with anything in my blog? That is pure spam.

If you’re going to link to your own blogs in comments, at least tie them into the topic of the blog and CONTRIBUTE to the discussion.