Random Questions #1 - As a child, what did you want to be when you grew up?

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I am starting my own challenge. While scrolling through some posts on steemit I found this webpage in this post. So I came up with an idea to write the answers to the topics created by the generator and here it goes.

As a child, what did you want to be when you grew up?

When I was a child I looked up to my older brother. He is 10 years older than me and he always had the responsibility to look after me. We were often together and he was like my role model at the time. I don't remember to much about the time he was a teenager, but the time he came of age he had finished school to became a sailor, well, to be exact ship's engineer, and the time has come for him to start his routes sailing.



Being a sailor today is a bit easier than before. With all the ways of communication today you are always up to what is happening at home, and your family is much more informed of where you are. I remeber how he use to call in the middle of the night on the phone because that is the only time of the day he could get to the phone. I remeber he told me that he had to wait in the line for hours to get to the phone. Imagine that.

For many years I thought I will also became a sailor. I was always intrigued with the job. Sailing to different countries, exploring. I always looked at the maps where he was and I also had a collection of coins from all the different countries he had been. I wonder if my mom still has that collection? I got to call her and ask. And I use to scroll through the maps searching for harbours he had visited. I always looked forward when he was listing me all the places he had been.



We had a big saling company in Šibenik called "Slobodna plovidba". I could do a post about that to.


Logo of "Slobodna plovidba". 30 years ago you could se this all over the world's biggest harbours.


Why I am not a sailor today?

When I was going through a medical exam before high school I was at my eye doctor. I spent a lot of time there because my left eye didn't develop completely, my lenses are not in focus or something like that, nothing bad . And the doctor said to me that I can't became a sailor because I have bad eyes. Later on in life I realized my mom and the doctor maybe had an agreement to tell me that, because I know my mom didn't want to have two sons at sea. I never asked her that and I'm not going to, let's leave as it is. I wasn't feeling to bad about it, I was a excelent student in elementary school and about that time I have already started to move in other direction. At the end I went to gimnasium and finally ended up as an IT guy, although that also wasn't in my plans at that time.

Being a sailor is not that easy job even though it is one of the best paid jobs you can get here. It is interesting at the beggining, while you are in your early ages and you are still free spirited. But later on when you start a family it get much more tougher. You spend more time at sea than at home.

As for me I tnihk I would have not became a sailor anyway. Yet there is still time for anything. We'll wait and sea.

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Ja sam želio biti prirodoslovac...a eto, postao pomorac. Nije da se žalim, vidi se raznih životinja, a i uhvati se dobre ribe! ;)

Samo nek je ribe!

As a child have always wanted to be slot of things
Firstly a boxer, then a footballer, then musician, a doctor and so on but now a business administrator

We all wanted to be superstars.

Odlična ideja za postove, pogotovo malo više osobnije :D
Random osobni postovi su mi najdraži, moram i ja bacit svoj osvrt zašto nisam veterinar haha :D

Probat ćemo pa šta bude. Nisam neki bloger pa se moram vježbati.

Sutra se i ja pridruzujem odgovoru na ovaj naslov :D