De Nieuwe Liefde or The new love [BLOG]

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In my first year as a mate / deckhand in the Netherlands I had the pleasure to sail on "De Nieuwe Liefde" - a 3 mast - 55 meter Barketine. I sailed 2 months on the ship and I really liked the owners and the ship. It is quite funny if it takes around 1 minute to walk from the front to the back of the ship just to ask a question to the skipper. Great times, not so much sailing but loads of fun.

Nevertheless, today I found some photos I took and wanted to share them here.


The "De nieuwe liefde" in the middle of no where - we laid there for a week since they filmed a movie on the ship. The white big think is the moon.


Good morning sunshine.



Me on the wheel.


The milkyway and the Nieuwe Liefde.


Another shoot at night.


Me doing some rigging work on the main mast.

The ship is now renamed to "Leafde fan Fryslan" and you can find more infos here.


Those pictures are amazing! You capture 3 of my favorite thing ever the moon, the overwhelmingly beautiful milky way and a Double rainbow all the way great job on those pictures but sailing seem so fascinating to me, it must have been a great experience!

DOUBLE RAINBOW ALL THE WAY ... hahahha! glad I got your 3 favorit things :) ... sometimes the unexpected really comes into play :))

thank you for checking out my post!

p.s. try sailing :-)

When you say Leafde fan Fryslan then I understand why they put subtitles in the Netherlands on the programs that were taken in Friesland. It's a completely different language :)

It looks like a great adventure that you had. Did you get to meet some actors too? :)

That rainbow is very nice and those night shots are beautiful. I would never go sailing for such a long time as I'm not a big friend with open water but I always admire people who are braver than me :)

Thank you for sharing!

hey delish!

I have to admit, that name change is not my favorit as well but it fits to their fleet since they have 2 other ships with similar names :) The concept of these ships are as followed: get a traditional sailing vessel, make it very luxurious and rise the prices... this leads to "usually" just old people on board. This means there is not much sailing going on since everything is manual (hoisting the sails, letting them down aso.).

In general these ships stay in dutch waters, so loads of Amsterdam, Ijsselmeer and a bit of Waddenzee. Something along this area:,5.1604093,9.15z/data=!4m5!3m4!1s0x47c609c3db87e4bb:0xb3a175ceffbd0a9f!8m2!3d52.132633!4d5.291266

I really love the long and exhausing sails, best a couple of days without any land. The freedomI feel there is outstanding. Just you and nature and how you cope with it :)

thank you very much for the comment!

The way it works there is unfortunately how many businesses are trying to get money..

Oh, I didn't know that these were just 'short' routes..

Then it's the perfect job for you :) I feel the same when I'm in the mountains so I understand you :)

My pleasure! Thank you for getting back to me!

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awesome! thank you very very much :))

It really was a good experience and enjoy your life. In these two months, you sailed to where? You posted lovely photos here especially the night view. I am sure you have took a lot of nice photos in these 2 months. Did you guys stopped somewhere along the journey?

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hey oliv,

we stopped every day, since this is the way to do it in the Netherlands and these sort of charter boats :)

In general these ships stay in dutch waters, so loads of Amsterdam, Ijsselmeer and a bit of Waddenzee. Something along this area:,5.1604093,9.15z/data=!4m5!3m4!1s0x47c609c3db87e4bb:0xb3a175ceffbd0a9f!8m2!3d52.132633!4d5.291266

And yeah, i love the night shots as well. I guess that's why I uploaded them here in a little story :)

Thank you for your lovely comment :))


Amsterdam is a nice place @ricpicks. I been there before during my uni time. Cool place with the structure of the buildings and the tulips. Hope able to visit again one day. So, you plan to do it again next year? I love sea but i don't like the sun :P. Maybe because i came from a country where whole year with sunlight.

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those are some awesome shots!

¡Hola @ricpicks! Me encanto la foto del doble arco iris., todas están bellísimas lograste unas excelentes fotos en ese viaje, gracias por compartirlas, ¿con qué frecuencia haces ese tipo de viaje? Cuéntame ¿Cómo te sentiste con el voto Curie?

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