A sailors tail: SAIL Amsterdam [BLOG]

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Billed as the largest free nautical event in the world, SAIL Amsterdam is a quinquennial (every five years) gathering of 600+ boats and tall ships that sail in a circuit in the Netherlands North Sea Canal before mooring in Amsterdam. Back in 2015 I was working on a ship called Welvaart - a Dutch 2 mast Clipper and we attend SAIL as well.

Our mission: We got guests 3 times a day and went a long thousands of other boats though the harbor of Amsterdam - five day's in a row. This means we get up at 8 - start working at 9 and end the day at around 1 in the night. Exhausting but worth it!


Our first day ended with a spectacular sunset and thousands of ships surrounding us.

On board of the Dageraad- a massive 40 meter 2 mast clipper - this time we were guests.

Another eve - another sunset and nothing else to see but ships ships ships.

One of my more artzy shots. There is a bridge right over parts of the harbor. A security guy was making sure that nothing unexpected happend. I guess there are worst jobs.

The Dutch are crazy but awesome the same time.

Just moments before Chris, my skipper, told me to get out my camera and start shooting because these moments usually just happen one time per life. Thanks skipper!

Our crew - me to the very right

The last day - party is almost over

After SAIL Amsterdam we needed to sail back to Enkhuizen and so we did. You see Chris (the skipper, to the left) and Kun having serious fun with a wind force 5 and all sails up.


Having such a hugh ship all for us alone! And yes, that's me :)

We where somewhere in there as well :) - Photo via Jeroen Apers This gives you an overview about the scale of this event.

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@juliank - I feel like you can add a water photography contest :-*


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